Tough chiselling with Hultafors HDC

THE life of a chisel on a jobsite is hard. Jobsite chisels are not pampered like their bench chisel peers, that have careful sharpening and a nice rack to hang in. More likely they will be undertaking jobs that demand a pounding from a steel hammer, or opening tins. The Hultafors HDC chisels are designed for just such treatment with a few extra features chucked in.

The rough grey finish on the front of the chisel proves that the blade was forged while the sides and back have been precision ground to give users enough accuracy for joinery use. Out of the box, the chisel has quite a low angle, single bevel grind that is sharp enough to work with but will need fettling with a stone after a while.

Flat to surface grind – very useful

Looking at the back of the chisel, users can see that the grind will allow the back of the chisel to go flat against the chiselling surface. This is a great feature when removing skirtings or lifting floorboards and, because the chisels are so rigid and heavy duty, it can easily take the pounding that will be meted out.

One piece construction – The key to strength

The slimline grippy handles hide the fact that the chisels are made in one forging, so that users can confidently tackle the heaviest work. The handle itself features a replaceable nylon striking cap that also helps to reduce shock and vibration to the user. Using my steel claw hammer to mete out some hefty whacks on the striking cap, I didn’t even manage to mark it, let alone break it.

For users on the go

Also included in the set of four chisels are some strong, plastic, ventilated sheaths. These can be hung from a work belt or otherwise attached to be within reach should users be onsite, up a scaffolding, etc. The ventilation means that moisture can drain away, reducing the chances of rust, and a nifty little round window on the front of the sheath displays the size of the chisel to aid selection.

Go to?

These are definitely fine products for first and second fix carpenters and timber construction professionals. Tough and flat-backed, with good handles and a sheath all help to make a product that will deliver heavy duty performance day in, day out. And you won’t feel guilty for trying to open a paint tin with one either.

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