FLEX 18v Brushless Jigsaw – Lots to like

WHEN you pick up this new 18v brushless jigsaw, you will immediately realise that it is not a hobby-oriented lightweight.

Weighing in at 2.2kgs, it feels professional and has all the features that you would expect from a professional tool – four orbital settings, choice of D-Handle or Body-grip, variable speeds plus A, (that sets the speed to pick up automatically as the blade bites), LED light, dust extraction (that actually works!) a solid alloy base with plastic shoe for delicate materials and mostly tool less adjustments.

You can set it how you want it and it will deliver – which is what I would expect from a professionally rated tool.

Blades and stuff – Important bits

This saw fits standard T-Lock blades via a large and easy to use plastic handle that pulls across to reveal the aperture into which the blades slot. Unlike some jigsaws I have used, the system works very efficiently, and I had no blades simply dropping out for no apparent reason.

Fitting high quality blades is very important in most kinds of saw, but in my opinion, is especially true for making quick and accurate cuts at right angles to the material with a jigsaw. At the time of testing, I was making some round tabletops in 32mm thick oak and used the jigsaw to roughly shape the circle before I routed the edges. My randomly chosen first blade cut well enough because the weight, balance and controlled speed of the jigsaw made my job easier.

But after it wandered and flexed a bit, I took a high-quality name brand blade (made in Switzerland) and completed the cut. The saw was able to cut very quickly and accurately, and I was able to follow the cut more easily by taking advantage of the LED light and dust extraction. It truly had as much power and balance as the professional quality mains jigsaw that I normally use on critical cuts like these. 

I also took it to full depth of cut in 50mm thick oak offcuts and the motor still sounded measured and in control as it cut. Professional indeed.

Battery packs and power

The truth is that many lower-drain power tools like jigsaws and drills don’t need multiples of 18volts to operate efficiently. They often just add extra weight and bulk. Although I have been testing and using FLEX tools for over 10 years, I have never managed to bust a battery, or a tool for that matter. They must be doing something right.

I repeat – there is lots to like on this new, professional quality jigsaw. It just performs like a professional should.

Buy your Flex TOOLS Here: https://www.toolkitonline.co.uk/brand/flex/

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