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Wera Tool Rebels Take Note

Being a Wera Tool Rebel requires quite a bit of homework in order to keep up with the almost constant stream of innovation emanating fromWuppertal. Wera…

ByByDavid KitchenhamWednesday, 17th February 2021

It’s Crunch Time from Leatherman – The Compact Multitool

Some multi tools can get beyond themselves in terms of size and complication and I, for one, have got to the stage where sometimes I wish…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021

Budget drills a bargain? Getting good value for under £40

THE first review I ever wrote for TOOLKiT (then titled ToolBusiness Magazine) more years ago than I care to remember, was a roundup of cordless drills.…

ByByRichard HollisWednesday, 9th September 2020

Honda EU22i The Case for Portable Power

Honda EU22i Generator 2200W of smooth, efficient and reliable power for life on the move. I like the idea of portable power, hence my fascination with…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 16th February 2021

The Metabo WPB 36 LTX BL230 – A 36v Cordless Disc Cutter to You and Me!

The vision of the future for many power tool manufacturers is the cordless worksite – and on many levels it makes sense. The freedom of movement…

ByByPeter BrettWednesday, 29th November 2017

Draper 15Kg Breaker – Value and Efficiency

Draper Tools has a huge and enviable range of products that is constantly being revised and uprated according to the needs of the market, so it…

ByByPeter BrettSunday, 23rd October 2016

Stahlwille Quality Torque Wrenches

The Background Bit… I confess that I only knew of Stahlwille products peripherally because I rarely go into the world of spanners. More recently however, spanners…

ByByPeter BrettSaturday, 19th May 2018

New Range of Socketry from Draper

Socketry? Me? If anyone asked me a few weeks ago whether I regularly used socketry I would have probably replied with a resounding ‘No’. But just…

ByByPeter BrettSaturday, 19th May 2018

JCB Cagelow Safety Trainers The Comfort of Trainers with safety Built-in

“Fussy about footwear” describes me perfectly and I have a cupboard full of failed purchases to prove it. My feet have to feel comfortable very quickly…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021
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Snickers Workwear – Cool and smart this summer

LIGHTWEIGHT shirts, shorts and trousers make working on site a breeze this summer. Everyone needs…

ByByDavid KitchenhamThursday, 9th July 2020

Woodworking YouTube trio become Triton ambassadors

THREE of the world’s most popular woodworkers have been unveiled as Triton Tools ambassadors. YouTube…

ByByRichard HollisFriday, 11th January 2019

Flex DD 2G 10.8-LD Drill Driver – Big in its Own Way

Size Isn’t… Most, if not all, trades have already worked out that 18 or 24volt…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 15th January 2018

Wiha MagicRing L-Keys – The Non-Magnetic Solution for Screwholding

Such is the pace of innovation in the fixings and fasteners arena that it is…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021

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