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DART PCD Blades – Tough & Long Lasting!

DART’s Polycrystalline Diamond Blades offer the ultimate solution for effortless fast cutting in fibre cement boards & ultra-hard materials, such as Corian. Why PCD? PCD is…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 19th February 2018

Review: Hellberg ear defenders – Dare to investigate your noise exposure profile

AS I sit at my desk in a quiet country village in Sussex, the loudest sounds I hear are the rooks fighting over a tidbit. Annoying…

ByByDavid KitchenhamTuesday, 1st September 2020

Review: TRACER Pens -Making their mark

WHEN it comes to everyday marking, I confess I most often make do with a carpenter’s pencil, and yes, it is sometimes stored behind my ear…

ByByDavid KitchenhamTuesday, 1st September 2020

JCB Cagelow Safety Trainers The Comfort of Trainers with safety Built-in

“Fussy about footwear” describes me perfectly and I have a cupboard full of failed purchases to prove it. My feet have to feel comfortable very quickly…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021

Wera Tool Rebels Take Note

Being a Wera Tool Rebel requires quite a bit of homework in order to keep up with the almost constant stream of innovation emanating fromWuppertal. Wera…

ByByDavid KitchenhamWednesday, 17th February 2021

Draper 12v Capacitor Jump Starter – Safe Starting Review

I, like many others, am slowly learning that I cannot do without the smart electronics in my car. It enables the phone and music connections, satnav…

ByByPeter BrettThursday, 30th April 2020

Fein ASCM12 Combi Driver Four Speeds = Greater Flexibility for Users

It may seem as though all that the trades want in a cordless drill is endless power and lots of batteries to keep that power constantly…

ByByPeter BrettTuesday, 23rd February 2021

Flex DD 2G 10.8-LD Drill Driver – Big in its Own Way

Size Isn’t… Most, if not all, trades have already worked out that 18 or 24volt drill/drivers are not always needed on every job. When it comes…

ByByPeter BrettMonday, 15th January 2018

Finding the Level with Draper

Levels – is it a Choice between Good value or Accuracy? Just about every tool supplier has a level or two on its stocksheets, and predictably…

ByByPeter BrettWednesday, 15th August 2018
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The difference between 240v and 110v power tools

If you’re in the market for new power tools, you’ll be presented with two options…

ByByJames CurtisThursday, 15th July 2021

Future battery development for high demand devices

ARE you tired of having to stop mid-job to charge your tools? Yes, this can…

ByByJames CurtisThursday, 8th July 2021

Cutting the cord: are the days numbered for corded power tools?

WHEN is the last time you bought a corded power tool?  The chances are, if…

ByByJames CurtisWednesday, 7th July 2021

Cordless Tool Power is maturing – what that means to traders

If you’re reading this then there’s a very good chance that you have been working…

ByByJames CurtisTuesday, 6th July 2021

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