Predator Saw

Spear & Jackson’s New Saw Range Offers Quality and Affordability

THE hardpoint saw changed the game for many of us, ditching the annoying task of sharpening your saw was a revolution, but it isn’t always easy to find a good strong and reliable hardpoint saw without breaking the bank. Spear & Jackson believe they have the answer with their new Predator Saw series, offering an affordable hardpoint range for all situations.

Predator Saw

We wanted to put this to the test, so we let our inhouse expert, Peter Brett, take a look at the series. With years of industry experience behind him, Peter has a practical mindset when it comes to reviewing products. So, we thought he was the perfect man for the job. He had access to the Bow Saw, First Fix Saw and Second Fix Saw for his video review which you can watch below.

So, what did Peter think? Straight out of the bag the series offered good packaging, Peter noted that the cardboard cover could even offer a good temporary protector for those that need it.  Protecting your saw from becoming blunt when left in your toolbox.

The blades were well balanced and cut true. They offered a good hand grip that was comfortable to use. What impressed Peter the most was the fact that the series seemed to have a slightly thicker metal on the blade, this meant the blade generated less of a wobble when being used.

Spear & Jackson have made the saw with Duralife technology, this means the saw will last 20% longer that other hardpoint saws. It also has a suregrip comfort handle for an ergonomic design and accurate finger guidance. The series is definitely a great choice for those that need a range of hardpoint saws. With an affordable price point and a reliable design, the Predator Saw series is a great addition.

If you want to see Peter’s reaction to the series, check out the video below. If you want to see more reviews and content about industry topics, ideas, and issues, subscribe to the Toolkit YouTube channel now.

You can Shop the Spear & Jackson range here.

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