Say goodbye to corrupted files – Laser Tools has your back 

Tell me if this sounds like a familiar scenario: there you are on any given Tuesday, trying to fix your hard drive for the umpteenth time, only to find out once you plug it in that you’ve accidentally corrupted all the files. There’s really no need for shame because, unfortunately, we’ve all been there but hopefully never again from now on. 

Laser Tools have announced the launch of two new products that feel like they’ve been pulled directly from my mental wish list (and then majorly improved, of course). 

Let’s start with the portable ESD (electrostatic discharge) Service Kit (8285). Designed for use when working on sensitive electronics, this service kit allows you to quickly get on with the job without the added worry of causing damage to your product through electrostatic discharge.  

For the ones among us who’ve been lucky enough to make it to this point in life without stressing about ESD, all you need to know is that built-up electrostatic can cause damage to or entirely erase important information or magnetic data from electronics and other sensitive equipment. 

The comprehensive kit includes a vinyl static-dissipative mat (600x600mm) with two integral pockets, a vinyl storage pouch, an adjustable wristband with coiled earth lead, and a 3-metre straight earth lead. All the components are easily stored away in the pouch (245x245mm), making it especially useful for mobile workers and people with limited storage space for their equipment. 

The Earth Bonding Point Plug (8315) has been designed for use with the ESD anti-static service mat, and allows the earth lead (or grounding cord) to be attached easily and safely to the mains earth via a standard UK plug socket. It features two 4mm sockets and one 10mm stud. 

When connected to the earth bonding point, the vinyl electrostatic-dissipative mat grounds any built-up static energy without running the risk of channelling the charge to sensitive or vulnerable equipment and materials. 

Laser Tools has ensured that their newest products are up to standard (as always), and not only does it have a surface resistivity of 10e8 to 10e10 Ohms/Sq (10⁸ to 10¹⁰), but this service kit also complies with ANSI/EOS/ESD S4.1.  

You can find more details on the company’s website and both products are available now from your local Laser Tools stockist (and even your non-local one too).  

But, much more importantly: both products are currently on offer! The 8285 ESD Service Kit is going for £42.95 and the 8315 Earth Bonding plug for £14.95 (both prices include VAT).  

Make sure to grab yours before they’re all gone because TOOLKiT is predicting a Black Friday-style rampage across the country pretty soon. 

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