Makita, the renowned power tool manufacturer, has expanded its LXT cordless collection with the addition of a handheld blower. The new 18V DAS180 LXT Brushless Blower is a versatile tool that offers not only powerful blowing capabilities but also the ability to inflate and deflate with ease. With tradies in mind, this handy companion proves to be a valuable asset for a wide range of applications.

The 18V DAS180 LXT Blower features a brushless motor with variable speed control, allowing users to adjust the blowing force as needed. Weighing just 1.7kg and equipped with an ergonomic rubberized grip, this lightweight tool can be comfortably operated with one hand. Don’t be fooled by its size, though—the unit delivers impressive performance with a maximum sealed suction of 10.3kPa. Its 4-stage air volume settings generate a powerful blowing force of up to 2.8N, achieving a maximum air velocity of 200m/second and an air volume of 1.1m3/min.

Makita has incorporated several user-friendly features into the 18V DAS180 LXT Blower. The tool boasts a one-touch, tool-less nozzle attachment system, allowing for quick adjustments for various applications. The variable speed trigger provides precise control over the blowing force and can be locked in the ‘on’ position for extended use. Additionally, the blower features a tether feature that serves as a safe hanging point for securing the tool during overhead applications.

To enhance the versatility of the 18V DAS180 LXT Blower, Makita has also introduced a range of compatible nozzle accessories. These accessories cater to different blowing, inflation, and deflation needs, ensuring the tool’s adaptability to various tasks. One notable addition is the flexible nozzle set, which includes a ø6.0×800 hose. This accessory is perfect for blowing out debris in narrow spaces where the blower itself cannot fit.

Kevin Brannigan, the Marketing Manager at Makita UK, expressed excitement about the new launch, stating, “This useful tool will make a super work companion, where users can quickly switch between tasks simply by changing the nozzle. Powered by our innovative lithium-ion battery technology, the new DAS180 is compatible with almost 300 products within our ever-expanding 18V and 36V LXT platform.”

Makita’s 18V DAS180 LXT Brushless Blower proves to be a valuable addition to the company’s expanding LXT cordless collection. Its compact design, powerful performance, and versatile functionality make it an ideal tool for tradies. With the ability to blow, inflate, and deflate, this handheld blower is a must-have companion for cleaning workbenches, machinery, and filters, as well as for tasks like inflating inner tubes and play pools. Makita continues to impress tradespeople with innovative solutions, and the 18V DAS180 LXT Blower is a testament to their commitment to providing reliable, efficient tools for everyday use.

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