XP1000 by Draper Tools: Safety has never looked so good

DRAPER TOOLS is proud to unveil the XP1000 range, a comprehensive collection of VDE hand tools featuring 21 new VDE pliers with tethered options and 55 VDE screwdrivers, including slimline. The range also includes must-have sets of pliers and screwdrivers. Tested to 10,000V and suitable for use on AC circuits up to 1,000V and DC circuits up to 1,500V, XP1000 is fully compliant with EN60900 standards – living up to the message “Always use protection”. This is a high quality series of hand tools designed to see you through a variety of jobs throughout your electrical career.

Speaking about the launch, Phil Rowley, Sales Director at Draper Tools commented: “Our VDE range of hand tools is really important to us as a business. We’ve offered a good solid range for many years, but we were keen to up our game and home in on what electricians really needed from us. We knew there was more we could offer. So we listened to feedback, worked with key figures in the industry and spent a long time researching and developing XP1000. It’s been a big investment for us, but we’re confident this is a range electricians will love. It’s reliable, comfortable, safe and comes with our Draper Expert Lifetime Warranty too.”

Tools you can’t stop touching

Draper’s new range has several impressive features. Both the screwdrivers and pliers come with TPE extra-comfort handles and an anti-glare dark paint finish. The slimline screwdrivers are excellent for getting to hard-to-reach areas and make a very handy addition to an electrician’s toolkit. All the screwdrivers feature a dual-layer “insulation warning” blade sheath to indicate wear and VDE protection status – for total peace of mind on the job.

The tethered range is set to be one of the biggest ranges of tethered VDE hand tools on the market. These feature a convenient loop on each tool, allowing for quick and easy attachment to a lanyard and making them well-suited to those working at height.

Approved by experts

The XP1000 range was developed with feedback from the industry in mind, and Draper carried out pre-launch testing with a panel of electricians. Over two weeks, they put the range through its paces on various real-life jobs and reported their findings. The results were encouraging, with over 85% saying they’d recommend XP1000 to others in the trade. Three quarters of the testers also said XP1000 was a range they’d buy more from in future, and they all agreed the range was safe to use on-site.

Phil Rowley explains why this is such a key part of launching the range: “XP1000 is the latest addition to our Draper Expert series of tools for professionals, so we were keen to get this range into the hands of the expert electricians out there. We will always listen to what they have to say and use this to help us keep on innovating.”

XP1000 completes Draper’s existing range of essentials for electricians, which includes cable knives, crimping tools, pipe cutters, plasterboard saws, plunge cutting blades, hacksaws and even a Wi-Fi endoscope. But Draper isn’t stopping there, Phil Rowley added: “We will be continually adding to the XP1000 range with high-quality tools designed specifically for the electrical sector. We’re focusing on what electrician’s need more than ever before, with a lot of big plans in the pipeline. In fact, we’ve already got several new ideas in development already. Watch this space!”

Find out more about the XP1000 range at drapertools.com/XP1000

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