TOOLKiT News Snippet – Knipex Drops some Amazing Innovation (Video 1.34)

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In the latest edition of the TOOLKiT News Snippet, Knipex’s most recent launch reminded us of two of the brand’s best tools: the amazing Forged Wire Stripper and the American-style, Alligator range of water pump pliers.


0:00 Knipex Forged Wire Strippers – are they any good?

0:22 Forged Wire Strippers No Threading

0:43 Cutting Demonstration

1:00 Knipex Alligator Pliers

1:15 Knipex Alligator Pliers Demonstration

1:29 Next Video idea – Watch The Forged Wire Strippers are a game changer, for sure.

Not only can you cut screws from the front or back without any threading – which makes it so much faster than any other wire strippers currently on the market – but you can also cut through any cable you can get your hands on without any of the usual guesswork thanks to the tool’s locating ridges. You can use it right-or left-handed, you can bend wires into a perfect loop, you can even pull teeth with it – but we really wouldn’t recommend this last one.

Now, let’s talk about these pliers! With hardened teeth that guarantee a reliable grip on any profile, this tool was designed with both professionals and DIY-ers in mind. It has a 9-step lock adjustment that gives you any grip-width you might require and, even more importantly, it was made with an anti-pinch design – that’s right, this is the end of those all-too-familiar hand injuries.

That’s it for this TOOLKiT News Snippet, we’ll see you in the next one. If you want to keep up to date with all new tool developments, don’t forget to give us a like, subscribe and share the video.

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