The KNIPEX CoBolt® range

Every wondered which Bolt Cutters to buy? You need something that is Tough, Compact and Bolt Cutters that pack a powerful punch!    

KNIPEX help us unlock 2023, or rather – KNIPEX “bolts” into 2023 to smash open the new year… the Leading pliers’ specialists has a range of 18 tough CoBolt ® Compact Bolt Cutters designed to carry out those really hard cutting jobs out on site.

With sizes ranging from 160, 200 through to 250mm there is a tool to suit a myriad of tough cutting applications. In typical use, the CoBolt ® range can be used for cutting nails and screws or for cutting wire mesh or fencing. Electrical contractors working with cable basket and cable tray will also find the range extremely useful, not to say comfortable to use, saving time and effort thanks to the tools’ engineering performance. The 71 01 200 KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutter is a small tool that makes a big impact – those used to working with standard bolt cutters will appreciate how user-friendly the CoBolt 71 31 200 is…that is as long as you keep your thumbs out of the way.

Thanks to their practical size of 200 mm and low weight of less than 400g, the strong KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutters are a powerful partner in demanding situations. Even the hardest wire is no problem, and they master piano wire up to a diameter of 3.6 mm reliably. When cutting bolts, nails and rivets up to a diameter of 6 mm (in the case of soft material), you benefit from maximum power and convenient handling.


This high cutting performance is the result of long-standing engineering experience. The precision cutting edges made of chrome-vanadium high performance steel are induction hardened and therefore guarantee the greatest cutting-edge hardness. The particularly efficient lever action mechanism guarantees an extremely favourable lever ratio with simultaneously low friction. The CoBolt® reinforces the hand force used to grip the handles 35 times over.

Every cut hits the mark straightaway: microstructures on the cutting edges hold the material in the perfect position, allowing the leverage of the CoBolt® to take full effect: one cut – done!

The 71 42 200 KNIPEX CoBolt® Compact Bolt Cutter, meanwhile, is an example of how the range has been cleverly adapted for different professional uses. With its multi-component grips, the 71 42 200 version is without a collar for better handling and easier transport. An opening spring and locking device are integrated in the handles also for comfortable work and it features a recess for easier cutting of thicker wires. It too has precision cutting edges for soft, hard, and piano wire and cuts bolts, nails and rivets up to approximately 5.2 mm. One enormous difference, however, is the 20° angled head with joint bar on one side and side cutter for almost flush cutting on the other. This also provides suitable space for gripping.

Two KNIPEX CoBolt® XL versions complete this powerful range.  

KNIPEX CoBolt Compact Bolt Cutter (200 mm) 71 02 200

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