STIHL Cut the Competition with New Full Chisel Saw Chain

STIHL have always stated that for them, it all started with a chainsaw, and they are still widely known for their reliable and trustworthy chainsaw designs. With their latest Full chisel saw chain, it’s easy to see why they have been leading the charge with their innovative portable chainsaws.

Andreas Stihl invented the first portable chainsaw, so to pretend that they don’t know what they are talking about would be silly! Now they are proving just how ahead of the market they are yet again with their new Full Chisel saw chain design. Offering a 20% improvement on cutting performance when compared to competitors makes the STIHL Chisel Saw Chain PS3 Pro a must.

Compatible with any STIHL professional chainsaw with a power output of 1.6 kW – 2.0 kW, the new PS3 Pro chain is available in 3/8 P pitch and 1.1mm drive link gauge and features a narrow kerf designed to reduce resistance while cutting.

The PS3 STIHL Chisel Saw Chain pro

This means that the chain cuts faster whilst being less sensitive to pressure. For a cordless chainsaw, this means you can make more cuts per charge. This massively improves productivity as it allows your workflow to increase in volume before your chainsaw runs out of power. Cut faster and easier with the PS3 Pro. With improvements like this, you can expect to save money and time as your turnaround increases. 

The new 1.1mm Light 04 guide bar has been specifically designed for use with the PS3 Pro chain, offering increased durability and optimum balance. In addition, the drive links on the PS3 Pro sit deeper inside the Light 04 guide bar compared to ¼ P 1.1mm chain, further decreasing the likelihood of the chain de-railing.

Available in 12” and 14” lengths, the PS3 Pro chain and Light 04 guide bar comes as standard with the new MSA 220 C-B, or separately as an easy upgrade for models such as the MSA 220 T and MS 201 TC-M. Furthermore, the PS3 Pro is compatible with all standard 3/8 P sharpening accessories.

This means you can expect a better level of performance from your chainsaw with a simple upgrade and with future products. For improved time management and better performance, get the STIHL Chisel Saw Chain PS3 Pro now!

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