WHEN it comes to jobs such as tying rebar, speed and accuracy are essential. That’s why the SRT40 Rebar Tying Tool from Senco, the leading experts in fastening technology, is the preferred on-site choice, providing a highly reliable, consistent and efficient alternative to time-consuming manual tying.

Designed to deal with a variety of fastening requirements – from tying rebar together and fastening conduit to rebar to fastening PVC pipes to reinforced concrete steel and fastening underfloor heating hoses to steel – Senco’s SRT40 Rebar Tier provides a highly reliable method of ensuring that reinforced structures have a firm mesh grid in place.

Robust and fast

Brushless motors ensure faster and efficient tying, with a sealed gearbox giving extra power, attaining an impressive 0.6 – 0.8 seconds per tie. Between 4000 – 5000 tight and uniform ties are achieved per charge thanks to the two supplied 18V 4 Ah Lithium Ion slide in batteries and charger – meaning that work can continue uninterrupted, whilst a handy LCD screen allows for wire tension adjustment.

Easy to use

With its robust, optimised design – incorporating an ergonomically designed long and narrow handle – which guarantees easy access to the intersection that needs to be tied, the SRT40 Rebar Tier is both quick and easy to use. Once in place, the trigger is pulled and the tool automatically feeds the required amount of wire around the rebar rods at great speed, twists it and cuts it to size, securing the rods with a firm wire wrap.

Stephen Dodwell, National Sales Manager at Senco said, ‘We have designed the SRT40 Rebar Tying Tool to make tying reinforcement rods a simple task – simply pull the trigger and the tool does the rest. In addition, fitted with highly durable brushless motors, the SRT40 offers not only longer service life but increases the number of bindings per charge by 35% compared to a regular motor. Combining durability, efficiency and simplicity make the SRT40 an on-site essential.’

For more information on the SRT40 Rebar Tying Tool, or any other Senco products, please visit, email or call 01925 445566.

Check out how easy Rebar Tying can be:

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