Selco Launch Women’s Forum

Selco have been a leading supplier since 1895, offering competitive prices on a range of essential tools and equipment. Selco also understand that running a company means more than just offering a service. It’s about offering a culture, environment, and a set of values that can stand as exemplary models for others in the industry. Which is precisely why Selco decided to launch a new women’s forum.

Selco pushed forward with the opening meeting for their women’s forum on international women’s day, but don’t let that fool you into thinking it was a simple publicity stunt to coincide with the day, it seems the event was the start of a continued space to enhance women’s voices, ideas, and presence in the industry.

The meeting saw the attendees, which was made up of 21 female managers across the brand, discuss important matters regarding women in the industry and their own journey through the company and/or sector.

Sally Kerr, Selco’s Head of HR Operations who is chairing the new group, said: “We are delighted to have launched the Women’s Forum and it’s another important step towards us becoming a fully diverse and inclusive workforce.”

“We’ve made some important progress in recent years and are proud that 90 per cent of the current managers and deputy managers who are female have come through internal promotion.”

Selco are committed to improving the experience women have within their workforce. It a predominantly male sector, having spaces such as this allows the industry the ability to move away from the more traditional views associated with it.

Sally Kerr finished with, “In addition, we want to lay out a programme which encourages other females to follow suit and move through the ranks. There is no better way to get feedback on that than by speaking to the people who have already achieved that progression.”

We hope to be able to open up another Women’s Forum for other females who work within Selco, either throughout our branch network or Support Centre,” added Sally.

“We want to ensure we are getting the feedback of a broad cross-section of the workforce, regardless of their position of employment.”

We hope to see other companies in the field opening up these important conversations and creating spaces for women to engage, critique, and improve the industry.

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