Husqvarna introduces high power battery cutter K 1 PACE

IN the first quarter of 2022, Husqvarna Construction will launch its much anticipated K 1 PACE high power battery cutter. In addition to delivering power and performance equivalent to petrol-powered cutters, the new model also offers the benefits battery powered equipment brings to both operators and the environment.

K 1 PACE is the first product to feature Husqvarna’s new battery system PACE and is available as a 12” or 14” (300/350mm) machine as well as a 14’’ (350mm) Rescue power cutter. Mattias Holmdahl, Global Product Manager for Power cutters, outlines the new model’s user benefits: “Just like our other power cutters, K 1 PACE offers impressive ergonomics, precision and reliability – however, thanks to its versatile battery system, K 1 PACE optimises user freedom while creating zero direct emissions.”

K 1 PACE offers enhanced safety through X-Halt™ a blade brake function capable of stopping the rotation of the blade in fractions of a second.

Taking a closer look at the Husqvarna PACE battery system, sturdy design means it can be used in tough conditions, indoors and outdoors. Batteries come in two sizes and two chargers are available, both of which are equipped with fast-charging mode and active cooling. Together, these features reduce downtime and increase productivity.

K 1 PACE performance is optimised by our specially designed diamond blades. Available in 12” or 14” (300mm or 350mm), they help maximise cutting depth and increase performance.

Mattias Holmdahl concludes: “We have more than 60 years of experience as a power cutter manufacturer. This puts us in a strong position to lead development of the transition from petrol to battery powered equipment. We also know what it takes to get demanding jobs done – that’s why we never compromise on quality and safety. With K1 PACE, customers get a high-performance battery power cutter that creates zero direct emissions. They can also expect lower vibrations, smoother cutting and less strain on the body thanks to the machine’s low weight and optimal centre of gravity.”

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