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Personal Protective equipment: Have you checked your gloves?

How To Know What Classification Suits Your Needs? 

Personal Protective Equipment AKA PPE is important as it allows you to minimise and mitigate the risks and possible hazards associated with a wide range of working conditions. Without proper PPE, workers are left exposed to significant risks of injury or illness. PPE has certain standards that are set by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy; these must be followed by businesses.

Did you know?  

PPE has changed its standards for certain items. PPE is an important part within a business; it helps significantly reduce the risk of harm towards everyone that requires it within any establishment. Employers are legally required to not only provide PPE  but are required to maintain, provide instructions of its use and store the appropriate PPE. All that employees are legally required to do is follow these instructions. 

Although there are these laws in place, sometimes the actions of both Employer and Employee fall short of what is required. There are many possible reasons for this negligence, simple ignorance, lack of finances or maybe the PPE businesses acquired don’t match the PPE standards that are currently in place within the UK.

Have you checked your gloves?

Last year, the way that protective gloves are tested and categorised changed. From this April, any gloves that are tested under the old regime will no longer be good enough to meet PPE standards. Not only will they not be good enough to keep up with PPE standards but they may now not be suitable for the hazards that you’re facing! If you get the wrong glove, you could be waving goodbye to a digit or two. And no, that’s not meant as a cheap pun. It can happen.

The new standard specifically covers three areas for chemical gloves penetration, permeation and degradation. Gloves are now classified as Type A,B and C. Each classification is dependent on their performance level and number of chemicals that they can protect against.

Why Does this matter to you? 

Purchasing the right PPE will not only protect your employees but it will also allow you to protect your businesses finances. Hand, finger and wrist injuries account for 46% of all industry recordable incidents, according to the International Association of Drilling Contractors. This number has the possibility to be lowered by having the correct PPE within the correct classification that matches the hazards that you and your employees are facing. Purchasing the correct PPE means your employees are  more comfortable so workers are more productive. Less time is lost through absenteeism, illness or injury meaning your business will benefit from the simple choice of correct PPE.

How To Know What Classification Suits Your Needs? 

The British Standards Institution also known as BSI has a full list of details of the key changes of the standards of protective gloves including the different classifications. It also shows the new marking requirement for the gloves. This should help you to identify the type you need quicker and easier. The requirements of the Personal Protective Equipment and are essential and must be followed by employers and employees; these are not something that you can cut costs on.

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