Fergus is supporting trades all over the UK

Being the brainchild of Dan Pollard, a veteran ‘tradie’ who became burnout with the demands of running his own business. Fergus is a go-to management software for businesses with 1-50 staff members.

The idea is simple, to allow the business a structure that means the business can maintain itself and is no longer reliant on a single person overseeing everything. Something that Dan Pollard himself realised was unsustainable.

Fergus has been doing well as a software, earning awards such as Software Advice’s most recommended product of 2021.

Recently, E&P Electrics (Bedale) LTD sung high praise for the management software. As one of the main electric contractors in North Yorkshire for their quality workmanship, reliability, and exceptional customer service. Fergus wanted to keep their reputation high by moving away from paper-based management. To continue offering the best service they could.

“Before we started using Fergus in the office, we were very paper based. Time sheets, purchase ledger – everything was on paper. It was very time consuming,” says Lindsay Peacock at the company.

Paper Free Administration

She continued, “Since we moved to Fergus, the office has just revolutionised. We no longer have to wait a week for time sheets to come in – we’re virtually paper free now. The data entry across the whole of the office has been significantly reduced which is saving us so much time and money.

“If you’re looking to move from a paper-based system onto more of a data entry system. I would highly recommend Fergus. It’s been fantastic for us.” Says Lindsay Peacock.

“We are delighted E&P Electrics (Bedale) LTD are getting so much from Fergus,” says James Chillman, UK Country Manager for Fergus.

It’s interesting to see how companies, even ones already as respected as E&P Electrics, can evolve and improve as new technologies are developed. While we mainly focus on Tools here, it’s always important to understand where innovations are being made. Finding out about how Fergus is helping companies to enter the modern world is amazing and we hope to see more of it.

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