EV Commercial Van Sets New Range Record – Plus more News Snippet (Video)

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Today’s fuel cost in the UK is averaging £1.76 per litre of diesel. A year ago today it was £1.29. Let that sink in… New Research from Compare the Market has revealed that electric vehicles – commonly known as EVs – are now, on average, about £580 cheaper to run than a petrol car – when you consider the cost of insurance, fuel, and road tax in the UK. In the electric van industry, however, things have never looked better.

Chapters from the video to watch on YouTube | Ver con audio en español https://youtu.be/Vy3yCH1GTFY

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:19 Cost of Diesel in the UK
  • 0:30 EVs cheaper to run than petrol cars
  • 0:48 Brightdrop EV sets WORLD RECORD
  • 1:22 Electric Vehicles’ Growth
  • 2:08 Diesel Theft in UK
  • 2:41 Theft in UK Royal Navy Base
  • 3:04 Makita’s New Vacuums

In Baltimore USA, a Brightdrop EV Van set a world record just this week when it covered 258.85 miles on a single charge. Here at TOOLKiT, we are anticipating a manufacturer war as the prized electric vehicle marketplace is fought over. We think this will be great for trades, though, as market placement will involve better feature sets and lower price points for purchase.

Diesel Theft

There has been a spate of diesel fuel thefts over the past few weeks with companies of all sizes being hit by differing levels of theft. Recently, a Scottish Plant hire firm suffered a break-in during which two individuals filled barrels with fuel from a lorry. The owner of the company blamed the recent UK Government Policy for removing the entitlement of the construction industry to use red diesel and benefit from reduced levy on fuel.

New Makita Vacuum

But we all know that this isn’t an isolated incident. Finally, some tool news! Power tools manufacturer Makita UK has expanded its XGT 40VMax range with the launch of two new battery-powered L-Class vacuum cleaners.

Thanks to Makita’s unique cordless technology, both the 8- and the 15-litre capacity vacuums offer cleaning professionals and facility managers a selection of powerful cleaning solutions that won’t disappoint you. Visit russells32.sg-host.com for more tool related content.

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