Bosch’s GBH 18V rotary hammer – unique user and health protection

THE GBH 18V-28 DC Professional 18V rotary hammer from Bosch is setting new standards: it is the most powerful cordless rotary hammer yet with a D-handle in its class and offers the best power-to-weight ratio of 1.1 joules per kilogram.

With an impact energy of 3.4 joules, it is over 10 percent more powerful than the nearest competitor model, outperforming even its corded Bosch counterpart, the popular GBH 2-28 Professional.

Thanks to a combination of high performance, low weight, slim design, and a D-shaped handle, the GBH 18V-28 DC Professional is ideal for vertical tasks, especially power-intensive hammer drilling and chiseling into the floor. These tasks include, for example, setting steel girders, clearing new cable ducts, or removing tough tiles during renovations. A LED on the housing provides good illumination of the work area. The GBH 18V-28 DC Professional is also setting new standards in terms of user and health protection thanks to an innovative dust extractor as well as integrated vibration and kickback protection.

Dust-free drilling thanks to innovative dust extraction

The GDE 28 D Professional dust extractor, which was developed specially for the GBH 18V-28 DC Professional, can be quickly and easily attached to the tool. Weighing just 800 grams, this dust extractor is 50 percent lighter than comparable dust extractors on the market. The GDE 28 D Professional is simply attached to the tool and protects the user reliably from dust thanks to a HEPA filter, even when drilling on scaffolding, hoists or in hard-to-reach areas, all without the need for a bulky, additional vacuum cleaner.

Once the motor of the cordless rotary hammer starts running, an additional fan in the tool creates a vacuum and sucks the drilling dust directly into the dust box. Thanks to this principle, the extractor does not need its own energy source and the tool’s battery lasts longer than with Page 2 of 4 an active extractor.

The extractor comes with two dust eyes for different applications: one for smaller drilling diameters from 4 to 16 millimeters and one for larger drilling diameters up to 28 millimeters. If required, an extension can be attached for drill bits up to 265 millimeters in length.

Multiple user-protection features, including a fall protection system

The GBH 18V-28 DC Professional is also the only cordless rotary hammer in its class that offers tradespeople Vibration Control – an active vibration damping system with a counter-oscillator – as well as KickBack Control: if the rotary hammer turns suddenly or unpredictably on its drill axis, for instance if the drill gets jammed in reinforced concrete, the integrated sensor shuts off the motor in a fraction of a second. This prevents unexpected kickback and can therefore reduce the risk of injury.

If the cordless rotary hammer is used at height, such as on scaffolding, it can also be secured from falling. This minimizes the risk of injuring other people.

Finally, to safely store the rotary hammer between different work steps, users can simply hang it on the integrated tool hook.

The Professional 18V System saves time, space and money

The GBH 18V-28 DC Professional runs on powerful 18V batteries. Tradespeople can use the high-performance ProCore18V batteries with a capacity of 4.0 Ah to 12.0 Ah for particularly demanding drilling and chiseling applications. Regardless of which battery you use, Bosch guarantees full compatibility with new and existing power tools and chargers in the same voltage class and – thanks to the opening of the Professional 18V System to other manufacturers – this compatibility even extends beyond the Bosch tool portfolio.

Many brands, many tools, one battery system: saving tradespeople time, space, and money.

The GBH 18V-28 DC Professional cordless rotary hammer and the GDE 28 D Professional dust extractor will be available from March 2022 onwards.

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