Trumpf Drop a New Industrial Grade Edge TruTool TKA 700 Edge Trimmer – Next Level Heavy Duty Metal Work – PRESS RELEASE

Trumpf Drop a New Industrial Grade Edge TruTool TKA 700 Edge Trimmer – Next Level Heavy Duty Metal Work – PRESS RELEASE

The world of the burr – it’s a crucial place where the edge of machined plate metal needs to be prepared for the next process. If you are of the ilk that considers a deburr to be a songsmith from the 1980s, then this press release is not for you.

The TRUMPF TruTool TKA 700 Edge Trimmer is about durable and safe edge or preparing the edge of metal plate for welding. Either way burrs need to be dealt with accordingly.

This is where you need a good edge trimmer. We are talking heavy duty industrial applications for machine, rail carriage and ship construction. You need a tool that is comfortable in job shops, sheet metal processing or in metalworking shops. Trumpf has a reputation for providing tools that get this grade of work done. Safely and to efficient standards.

Stand up the Trumpf TruTool TKA 700 deburrer tool.

What are the benefits of a deburrer tool of this grade?

  • For chamfering, rounding and deburring of end edges for preparing welding systems
  • Achieve dimensionally accurate edge of a consistently good quality
  • Chamfer Height can be set quickly without the need of additional tools
  • Generate chamfer lengths of up to 7mm in angular positions 0 to 60 degrees with the powerful deburrer

Here is the official press release.

TRUMPF introduce the new TRUMPF TruTool TKA 700 deburrer for chamfer lengths of up to seven millimeters

The new deburrer TruTool TKA 700 can create chamfer lengths of up to seven millimeters in mild steel (400 N/mm2). Only two work steps are required: the user can achieve five millimeters in the first step with the new model, the remaining two millimeters are generated in the second step.

Different multi-edge cutters make helix angles between 15 and 60 degrees (in 5-degree increments) possible. Furthermore, the new deburrer can also be used for many applications of weld seam preparation. Even chamfering with radii of two, three or four millimeters is possible without any problems.

Video courtesy of TRUMPF

The main decisive factor for the TKA 700's high performance capacity is the new motor – a 1700-watt-strong, compact angular geared motor with speed control. It provides high speeds and facilitates reliable continuous operation, even under great strain. The machine holds up even when the user is operating with high pressures and considerable feed quantities, without a negative impact on the power unit's useful life.

TRUMPF's developers have equipped the TruTool TKA 700 with additional overload protection which prevents the power unit from overheating for extreme cases of overstressing.

Ergonomics are very important in the practical operation of power tools, which is why TRUMPF has ensured that the new deburrer is particularly quiet with low vibration levels thanks to precisely manufactured gear wheels in the gear unit. The integrated soft start also facilitates a smooth start-up.

A mechanical safety clutch minimizes any kickback if the machine is blocked. This can happen when a chamfer length is set which is not compatible with the material, for example. The excellent handle position is also very helpful. This means that the user's guiding hand is very close to the machining area, ensuring high stability and precise guidance.

With just 3.5 kilograms, the TruTool TKA 700 is a lightweight in its class, impressing with its high processing quality and ergonomics as well as its ease of handling. The chamfer height can be set smoothly and precisely without tools, simply by turning the support plate.

A force-fit connection prevents the selected setting from being accidentally adjusted. The employed multi-edge cutters can be turned three times, are durable and easy to replace when required.

You see, not a single mention of a Lady in Red.

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