Toupret strengthens its exterior surfaces collection with three new expert fillers

WE covered Toupret in April when they unveiled a clearer way to make product selection of their renowned fillers even easier for professionals. And Toupret are back today, announcing some welcome additions to their exterior surfaces range.

Toupret, the professional’s choice for quality wall fillers, has today added new products to its exterior surfaces range. This expansion means that Toupret now offers the widest range of exterior fillers on the market with quality results guaranteed by high-performance products.

As the warmer weather arrives, attention turns to revamping outdoor spaces. To coincide with this seasonal peak, Toupret has unveiled its new Skimcoat Filler, Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler, and Tough Multi-Filler to ensure exterior walls are finished to perfection.

The bolstered exterior surfaces collection consists of fillers for outside substrates across filling, repairing, formwork, and skimming jobs. Each product is uniquely designed to target gaps, cracks, and damaged exterior walls and surfaces. The updated collection now consists of six products in both ready mixed and powder options.

The first new product is the Skimcoat Filler. It is a huge timesaver, designed to solve the age-old problem of repairing damaged and rough exterior render as it can be smoothed over cracked and rough render, avoiding the need to knock back and reapply the render. It comes in a powder form and is extra smooth, easy to spread and has a long working time (six hours) to ensure the best possible finish. In addition, there is no need to seal the substrate if the base is hard, cohesive, clean, sound, and dry. The filler has a 5mm depth limit and is ready to paint in 24 hours. Available in both a 5kg and 15kg pack.

Toupret has also launched a Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler that is ready mixed for ease of use. The mixture is flexible and so resists cracking. This product is suitable for machine spraying as well as manual applications, making it ideal for an array of different jobs. This product also has a 5mm depth limit but has no limit on working time. The Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler is available in a 10L tub.

The third new product is the Tough Multi-Filler. This product comes in powder form and is a multipurpose product that can be used for repairing and localised skimming as well as filling. Reinforced with fibres, the new filler has excellent adhesion and is super tough yet easy to sand. Toupret advises a working time of 40 minutes and is ready to paint in 24 hours. Available in a 2kg box or 5kg and 10kg bag for even the largest of jobs.

The three new products join Toupret’s existing ‘exterior surfaces’ range made up of: Masonry Repair Filler, Rock Solid Repair Filler and Quick Fill, meaning there really is a Toupret product for every exterior filling or skimming job.

The exterior launches are part of a major rebrand and product reorganisation for Toupret. The exterior surfaces collection is now signified with a striking orange colourway to make this category stand out on the shelf.

With the goal of making a great quality filling job simpler and quicker for professionals, Toupret also wanted to make it much easier for tradespeople to choose the best product for any given task. As such, many of the products have been renamed to make their application as clear as possible. However, Toupret knows it has a loyal customer base and so the old product names remain discreetly on the packaging to ensure familiarity for all whilst introducing new simplified product descriptions – for example ‘Rock Solid Repair Filler’ will appear alongside the historical ‘Mur Ex’ product name.
The new exterior surfaces products are available to purchase from trade distributors nationwide.

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