New Compact Tractor Range Comes to Europe

For over 70 years, Bobcat have been creating some of the better examples of machinery currently available on the market today. Their reliable vehicles have been used throughout the agricultural sector and can be found on many building sites all over the world. Recently, the company revealed their new line of compact tractors with a focus on rolling them out to Italy, UK, Poland and Benelux this February. Here is everything we know about them at TOOLKit.  

TOOLKit: Bobcat Compact Tractor

Daniele Paciotti, GME Product Line Director for Bobcat, said: “Bobcat is offering three Compact Tractor platforms – the 1000, 2000 and 4000 series – which feature nine new models from 25 to 58 HP designed to meet the varying needs of customers in EMEA”.

This range offers small tractors perfect for small landowners to much larger machines capable of tackling bigger and more demanding tasks. Bobcat states that these vehicles have a robust construction, smooth operation, flexible configuration and full compatibility with a wide range of Bobcat attachments.

The range has nine models varying in size and horsepower, so you should easily be able to find one that suits your needs. The range is also customisable, with the option to have a wide choice of clever application solutions and front, mid and rear connections and power take-offs. They are also committed to making sure that all future attachments are compatible and universally usable by Bobcat products.

Features include, as states by Bobcat, “Features include an independent PTO, auto-PTO; PTO Cruise, HST Cruise or Draft control ensuring optimum productivity and uptime”.

“The proven Bob-Tach system comes as standard on all machines with the front-end loader option, enabling users to switch easily between different Bobcat attachments to carry out multiple jobs easily, delivering greater value and versatility for customers’ businesses. Fuel consumption is kept to a minimum thanks to the Eco PTO feature, while the linked pedal ensures optimum driving performance from the efficient 3-cylinder engine”.

The compact tractor range has already been successful in America, and Bobcat are happy to finally be releasing the series through Europe as well.

Check out more about the range below with Bobcat’s video introduction to the range below.

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