The best warehouse recycling hack on the market

The Racksack is a recycling sack designed to easily attach to any racking system.
Meaning you can help your warehouse to stay on-top of the mess whilst maintaining a commitment to recycling and waste sortation. The reliable material made it suitable for warehouse environments and as a result, it has quickly become a favourite product for many operators.

Developed by Beaverswood, a company that has been creating numerical labelling systems for warehouses since the 1980s, the Racksack Mini has recently been named New Product of the Year 2022 in the Best Business Awards.


The title was awarded to the Racksack mini, a smaller version of the more industrial focused Racksack. The mini was developed in direct response to customers outreach for a smaller product. The Racksack Mini is aimed at offices and small warehouse setups and perfectly offers the solution that was needed by users.

The product allows for users to save valuable floor space and save money by no longer buying disposable bin liners. This means they can also use a more environmentally friendly method of collecting their waste whilst keeping a cleaner and safer environment for staff.

As a result, it’s easy to see why the Racksack Mini was given the award. It shows their great commitment to their customers, helping the environment and offering needed solutions to industry issues.

Here at TOOLKit, we are pleased to see the Racksack receive this award and excited to see what else Beaverwood brings to the table in the future. You can shop the Rack Sack here:

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