Norton blazes a trail with new BlazeX fibre discs as UK industry witnesses recovery in early 2021

Abrasives specialist Norton is launching its next generation of fibre discs, the BlazeX. As the first quarter of the year witnessed a leap towards recovery for UK production, manufacturing and construction markets[1], and companies look to invest in long-term cost saving solutions ­– this new range is set to be a hit with fabricators.

The advice for distribution partners is to stock up now as experts label this new line of discs a trail-blazer in maintenance and repair operations – speeding up grinding time and reducing overall abrasives costs for metal fabricators.

Set to become a popular new addition to an already established portfolio, the BlazeX delivers up to 50% higher cut rates on carbon steel when compared to its counterparts, and is available in a range of diameters and grits to suit all grinding needs.

Ideal on a wide range of both hard and soft metals, including carbon and construction steel, the BlazeX offers enhanced operator control in stock removal processes such as metal preparation, weld grinding, chamfering and edge bevelling.

The self-sharpening ceramic grains on each disc – combined with a durable fibre backing – make effortless work of tough jobs, removing metal quickly and accurately. Operators will notice a smoother and more controlled process, resulting in less vibration through the machinery for safer and more precise grinding.

These factors ensure a job can be completed quickly, smoothly and concisely for a longer product life with fewer disc changeovers – resulting in less labour time and overall cost savings for users.

Howard Prince, Technical Support Manager at Saint-Gobain Abrasives, comments: “It’s so promising to see UK industry get back on its feet again, something we have definitely seen reflected in our sales. As UK industries begin to recover from 2020 losses, it’s important we continue to support our distribution partners, fabricators and the supply chain with durable, quality products – and that’s just what we’ve done with the BlazeX range.

“In recent years, the Norton Blaze product range, with its distinctive orange colour, has become synonymous with superior quality and performance; and this addition is no exception.” For more information on the Norton BlazeX or Blaze portfolio, visit


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