New Regulation Means New Screws

Changing regulations has demanded brands to release new screws to meet the industry’s new needs.

Spectre are launching a new type of screw to help with changing industry regulations.


In 2022 the government changed roof installation regulations for new builds and extensions. The installation requirements were upped to a minimum level of 0.18 W/m2K. This means our installation material needs to be thicker, the issue is that most of our standard screws no longer offer the secure fit now that the material is thicker.

Older screws no longer penetrate the frame as much as they should. This means the installation is not as secure as it needs to be. Shorter screws also apply more pressure as the wait is improperly distributed.

Spectre were aware of this issue and have released a new range built to specifically tackle this issue. The Spectre range has now been expanded to include 6.0 x 200mm and 6.0 x 240mm woodscrews and will shortly also include 8.0 x 180, 200, 240 and 280mm versions too.

This range was specifically designed for these issues and spectre hopes to help create a better experience for tradespeople dealing with the new regulations going forward.

Not the First Time Spectre has Listened

Spectre have always listened to what the industry needs. They recently pushed forward with an imitative to use recycled plastic in their tubs. With the industry pushing forward with new green initiatives everyday, this decision was a great asset to the industry. Changes like this keep the industry moving forward and help prove that their is innovation to be made in all aspects of our industry.

How are screws sized?

The industry typically indicates screw size as diameter x length. The gauge of a screw is done by the thickness (diameter) of the un-threaded part (shank). UK screws typically have a screw head size that is double the diameter of the shank. Although, this is not a consistent rule.

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