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New Multi-functional Pen Light

Pen Light

Multifunction Pen Light – Laser Tools offers a range of different products specialising in the automotive sector. They are known for their innovative specialist tools that aim to make those niche problems a thing of the past. Laser Tools is back now with another incredible item that could easily be an essential tool for most people working in any number of trades.

This multi-functional rechargeable aluminium pen light (part number 8597) combines a 2W COB work lamp with a 2W LED torch. With dimensions of 17mm x 156mm x 13mm, the Laser Tools torch offers some serious power at a tiny size.

Pen Light

For plumbers, electricians, or a variety of tradesmen, this means you can carry a powerful torch in your pocket. The size means it’s comfortable and easily transported. You can attach it to your pocket or paper pad without adding an uncomfortable amount of weight.  

We’ve spoken about a few Laser products here on the site before, and we have found them to be one of the better brands for reliability so we are happy to show off this new pen light from them today.

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