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WHAT is an impact driver? Why should you use it and when?

The Makita DTD154 BL LXT Impact Driver, 18V - The Most Popular Impact Driver on Amazon
The Makita DTD154 BL LXT Impact Driver, 18V – The Most Popular Impact Driver on Amazon

When it comes tackling fastenings, there is a range to tools to choose from and it is important to get the right tool for the job. An impact driver is a helpful power tool with rotational power used to loosen nuts and bolts which cannot be removed with help of other tools. On the other hand, regular driver is used to turn a screw.

An impact driver can be manual or electric.

Electric models are usually cordless and don’t use thrust like a manual one.

Are impact drivers and normal drivers the same?

Short answer is no, they are not the same tools. Impact drivers use higher torque than a normal driver and they combine that torque with additional tapping. On the other hand, normal drivers are mostly used for drilling holes and don’t use impact mechanism. Impact drivers cannot replace your normal driver – the best thing you can do is to get both tools just in case.

What is brushless technology?

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Brushless technology is a relatively new type of technology that modern tools use. It is used to improve the performance of power tools and save energy at the same time. As its name says, this technology doesn’t use brushes at all, instead having a stationary motor while magnets do the spinning.

How brushless technology makes hand tools better?

Power tools with brushless technology save lot of energy and are much more efficient. They provide up to 80% of energy savings while working on low and medium energy settings. That directly means that CO2 emission is lower. Motors with brushless technology make less noise and have more a stable performance.

Thanks to the improvement of technology, it was possible to develop commutator-free motors with digital control. Due to the removal of the commutator from the motor, there was a prolongation of the effective operation of the motor, more continuous torque, increased efficiency and reduced electromagnetic interference. Brushless technology provides all that.

We all know that brushed motors have their downsides. Due to the contact of the brushes with the rotating segments of the commutator, there is a loss of power which can be significant in a motor of low power and volume. Also, when the brushes meet the switch, sparking can easily occur which further limits the locations where the motor can be used.

How is brushless technology implemented?

Implementation of a new brushless technology is based on silicon, transistors, diodes and other components. By replacing current control with reduced, faster and more reliable electric printed circuits, it has been possible to improve the design of the brush motor itself. Brushless technology have a significant advantage over brushed motors. In addition to the rotor and stator, an essential component of the brushless technology is the electric motor with speed controller which replaces the mechanical commutator.

To Sum Up

All in all, we can conclude that brushless motors have a higher efficiency of conversion of rotational force compared to regular motors, are not demanding to maintain due to the absence of brushes and deliver constant torque at all rated speeds. This is why brushless technology improves hand tools in general.

Power tools with brushless technology are taking over the market, and any professional tradesperson would do well to get one for themselves.

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The Makita DTD154 BL LXT Impact Driver, 18V – The Most Popular Impact Driver on Amazon

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