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Lower Emissions with a Self-Powered Scissor Lift

Carrying on with our coverage of products found at the Executive Hire Show, we wanted to have a look at Metal and Modular’s new Navigator series, a self powered scissor lift. A great addition to the ever-growing range of zero emission products on the market.

The Navigator: A Zero-Emission Scissor Lift

We sat down and spoke with Michael Brown on the day, managing director of Metal and Modular, to find out more about the navigator range. The range has two sized scissor lifts to choose from, a 6 metre and a 4.5 metre.

This is the first self-powered push-around scissor lift achieving a working height of 6.0 metres capable of indoor and outdoor usage. The design is simple with a hand crank that lifts the platform to the desired height, and the gas power helps it to be a smooth and easy vertical transition for the user.

This powerless design means you can cut down on maintenance costs and running costs whilst maintaining the quality of older machines.

Michael and his team put on a fantastic show and demonstration of the machine, and were not afraid of to show it in use, let people have a go, and give detailed explanation of everything involved with the machine.

Whilst the industry pushes forward with a greener future, its machines such as this that help us to strive forward with ongoing emission and energy requirements.

What about an Electric Scissor Lift?

It is true that an electric scissor lift can also lower your emissions, and is still a good option but you have more costs involved with an electric machine and the maintenance is also harder. As recent news has shown, electricity can be a volatile price, and we can never rely on the costs staying consistent.

A self-powered machine would allow you to beat the costs of electricity and keep a consistent machine.

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Do you need a Licence for a scissor Lift UK?  

Yes, you must have a PAL Card and IPAF licence that must be renewed every 5 years. This is necessary to ensure compliance with safety regulations when using a mobile elevating work platform such as a scissor lift or cherry picker.

Can a Scissor Lift fall over?

Yes, but only when they are improperly used. If the centre of gravity is off due to improper loads or a worker hanging over the side, etc. then the machine could easily topple. This is why proper training should always be given before anyone uses a lift.

What is the life expectancy of a Scissor Lift?

It is hard to say but machines easily last around 30 years when properly maintained. With a self-powered machine, we could expect them to last longer with less maintenance issues.

What is the most common scissor lift accident?

Falls. Working at heights makes falls a common issue. Even with proper training, users should always take great amounts of care. The construction sector sees some of the highest rates for workplace accidents and injuries due to the nature of the industry.

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Why do I Need to Lower My Emissions?

The government is slowly pushing out new legislations to help take the industry away from fossil fuels and practices that negatively impact our carbon footprint. The waste industry and construction industry in general are seeing huge changes and they’re only the beginning.

The government has already made clear plans to push away from diesel from 2030 onwards, and the construction industry is actively seeking newer alternatives that could help to power the industry into this new era of a green future.

What does this mean for Construction?

While you do not have to change now. If you still have diesel machines, you can still use them. However, it is something to consider as you enquire new machinery. If you need to invest in a new machine, then it is worth looking at alternative fuel products.

The industry now has a large range of electric machines, from excavators to generators, you can find an alternative for everything.  

You can find a range of companies to hire out equipment such as this as well, so you can always try it before you buy it.

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