KNIPEX launches range of tweezers

WHEN it comes to targeted gripping and working on small workpieces and components, hand tools must be able to grip even more precisely and delicately than classic gripping tools generally allow.

The new and expanded range of KNIPEX tweezers includes a large number of excellent high-precision tools for precise and detailed work. Precisely manufactured, symmetrical tips and a wide variety of designs with different gripping surfaces, handles and angled heads mean that the tweezers can be used in many application areas for the highest demands.

Precision Tweezers: Resilient and precise

Made from premium stainless steel, precision tweezers offer enormous durability and good resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids. Thanks to their high-quality material, they are suitable for use in the chemical, pharmaceutical and electrical industries, and due to the precisely crafted tweezer tips they can even be used for the finest microscopic work.

Due to their short length, Mini Precision Tweezers are particularly useful when working in confined spaces.

SMD Precision Tweezers are optimised for electronic SMD tasks and allow reliable work even on particularly delicate components due to a variety of jaw designs.

Designed especially for use in the electronics industry, for example for handling sensitive components, ESD Tweezers are often needed, which meet the requirements of the electronics and precision engineering industries. They are also available in a version with interchangeable ESD tips. These compensate for potential differences between the user and component in a controlled way and thus protect sensitive components.

Precision Tweezers with interchangeable ESD tips are particularly robust thanks to carbon-reinforced plastic and a three-point connection with zero backlash. Various tip shapes are available as options for maximum variability in the relevant areas of application.

Plastic ESD Tweezers are extremely light and offer controlled electrical dissipation. These specialist tools achieve extraordinary strength with maximum weight savings through the use of carbon-reinforced all-plastic material. They also feature high temperature resistance and excellent chemical resistance.

Other high-precision and specialist tweezers from the KNIPEX range also include Cutting Tweezers. They are particularly sharp and hard, making them ideal for copper, gold, silver and magnetic wire. An ESD variant is also available here.

With its Universal Tweezers, KNIPEX also offers a wide range of high-quality all-rounders with different types of handles and tip shapes. They are anti-magnetic, highly corrosion-resistant and also come in an ESD version. In addition to super-light, corrosion-resistant and extremely tough Titanium Tweezers, automatically holding Cross Jaw Tweezers, Insulated Universal Tweezers for electrical and electronics professionals, Stripping Tweezers for stripping coated wire with millimetre accuracy and Positioning Tweezers round off the extensive portfolio of tweezers for precise positioning and holding of workpieces.

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