Sustainability trumps all – Wolseley Pipe prioritises responsible packaging  

It appears 2022 is the year for sustainability in business and, as part of its commitment to having a positive impact, Wolseley Pipe, part of Wolseley Building Services division, is treating responsible packaging as a priority. The business is already making progress by taking steps to reduce packaging across its exclusive product range.  

The leading trade specialist’s aim is to introduce responsible packaging for all its exclusive Range products, totalling around 8,000 products, 2,000 of which are part of the JET Range. Over the last few years, Wolseley Pipe have made significant strides to include sustainable packaging and environmental labelling within the exclusive range and they’re continuing to push their efforts ever-forward.   

Extensive progress has already been made, including: 

  • eliminating all avoidable plastic in newly launched products 
  • establishing a ‘packaging materials hierarchy’ to make the most responsible choices 
  • gradually replacing existing product packaging for ranges that are not planned to be updated.  

For the more eagle-eyed among us, you might have noticed that Wolseley Pipe is also making increasing use of QR codes, so that more detailed information, such as user guides, can be accessed online rather than having an unnecessary amount of paper inside their products’ packaging.   

Speaking of the company’s move towards more sustainable business practices, Nick Rich, Head of Quality at Wolseley, says:  

“Over recent years we’ve worked hard to eliminate avoidable single-use plastics (SUP) from our exclusive Range packaging, without compromising the products. We’ve also committed to ensuring that all new products launched within the JET Range will be SUP free. Additionally, we introduced the On-Pack Recycling Labelling (OPRL) to all exclusive Range products. The OPRL gives customers clear and consistent instructions on how to dispose of each component within the packaging. We’re passionate about continuing the journey to more responsible packaging, ultimately having a positive impact on our environment.”  

As a household name in British industry, it’s great to see Wolseley bringing out the big sustainability guns, and TOOLKiT expects other brands to quickly follow suit – after all, it seems that nowadays everyone and their grandma have the environment on their mind. 

What do you make of these changes? Let us know by getting in touch in the comments below. 

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