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February 6th at 4:15 a.m. local time, Turkey was hit with a magnitude 7.8 earthquake. 10 minutes later they were hit with an aftershock of 6.7. The total casualty number is still unknown, but some reports are stating that nearly 16,000 people are known to have been killed. The devastation being felt is unimaginable, and this will only be the beginning of an on-going struggle for Turkey as they attempt to recover from the unexpected disaster. However, the Doosan Group have offered some much needed support.

When it comes to situations like this, offering help in any shape or form can provide crucially needed support. Doosan Bobcat have decided to lead the charge with some necessary support from the construction sector by donating equipment in affected areas. They hope to be able to help with the recovery process as the rubble continues to cause issues for the rescue efforts.

Doosan group

They have provided (approximately) one million dollars worth of equipment, this includes skid-steer loaders and excavators to remove and clean debris, and portable generators and lighting towers to be used at sites with power supply issues. This equipment can hugely help the relief strategy to find people, clear debris and begin rebuilding some sense of normalcy.

Unfortunately, many of Turkey’s buildings are structurally unprepared for earthquakes. As a result, the recent natural disaster has reduced many of the buildings to rubble. This makes the overall recovery strategy a lot harder. The equipment offered by the Doosan Group allows teams to work into the night and gives them a better fighting chance. This could ultimately save lives.

Bobcat’s parent company, Doosan Group, have a long history of offering aid in moments of distress. They have previously offered equipment and donations to the U.S., China, Haiti, Japan, and Nepal over the past 20-plus years, helping with hurricane and earthquake relief strategies.

Turkey will have a long road to recovery, but moments such as this offer needed relief. Here at TOOLKit, we offer our condolences to Turkey and wish the brave people the best of luck with their continued recovery strategy.

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