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Professional construction marker brand ‘TRACER’ announces the release of their latest measuring tool

Specialising in innovative, versatile, and durable construction markers, TRACER announce the release of their brand-new measuring and marking tool – ProMitre Angle Tool.

Since 2017, TRACER has been working on developing and improving the marking pen and pencil to create marking solutions that are designed for the construction industry. Making their mark in the industry, TRACER has developed award-winning products that offer the perfect mark for all tradespeople. From deep hole construction pencils and markers to tape measures and roofing squares, TRACER has built up a diverse range of exceptional measuring and marking products to provide the best marking solution for every job.

To add to their growing collection, TRACER has introduced the ProMitre Angle Tool which includes a large array of integrated measuring and marking features useful for every tradesperson. This tool is designed to easily take measurements and transfer them onto beams, pipes, and three-dimensional workpieces.

This 3D tool is built with two faces, with each face having a unique range of marking options. The ability to lock onto surfaces using its right-angle design makes it the perfect tool for three-dimensional marking.

The horizontal face features a right angle marking and depth measuring feature to allow you to easily mark 90° on your material, then use the measuring scale to mark the depth.

Next to the right-angle guide is a precise parallel marking feature from 1-55mm. These measurements go up in 1mm increments and are designed for quick and easy parallel marking for the desired depth and length.

Also included on the horizontal face is a 10°-80° protractor to easily mark angles with a pre-set measurement of 30°, 45° and 60° lines. Plus, with an integrated ruler, you can easily achieve precise measurements of up to 150mm.

Similarly, the vertical face includes a range of uses, including a large, detailed 0°-90° protractor along the outside edge. This is the most convenient way to mark on an angle, therefore you can be sure you will achieve the perfect, accurate mark every time.

To the left of the face is a smaller detailed 10°-80° protractor with a pre-set of 30°, 45° and 60° markings. Plus, marking 45° couldn’t be simpler with the vertical face end made exactly at a 45° angle designed to mark corner joints.

The tool also includes a unique pre-set dovetail guide set at the most used sizes of 1:7 and 1:5 for easy marking. These guides will allow experts and amateur woodworkers to achieve professional results with less effort.

Plus, by using the detailed depth measurement placed next to the template, you can accurately measure the depth of your dovetail.

Finally, with a drill gauge, you can quickly determine the required hole sizes with this easy reference scale. 

Pair the ProMitre Angle Tool with any TRACER marking pens or pencil for the best mark. The tool is currently being rolled out in builder merchants across the country, so be sure to grab yours!

To learn more Visit the TRACER website:

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