ToughBuilt design innovation recognised with industry award

Manufacturer of premium quality hand tools and Jobsite products, ToughBuilt has been recognised for its commitment to innovative and intelligent product design. The business’ Scraper Utility Knife was named the winner of the TMB (Troy Means Business) 2022 Innovation Award at the recent TMB Show.

First introduced in 2013, the TBM Innovation Award celebrates cutting edge technological advances and product design excellence across the tool industry. Open to all businesses that supply Troy UK, one of the UK’s most successful buying groups for distributors of industrial engineering supplies, the award is judged by a panel of professionals from a variety of backgrounds. This year’s judges included both apprentices and qualified engineers from companies including Jaguar Land Rover and Dyson.

To win the award, the ToughBuilt(r) Scraper Utility Knife had to overcome stiff competition. The shortlisted contenders included ten other innovative products from well-known brands involved in manufacturing products such as hand tools, power tools and workwear.

Launched in the second half of 2021 ToughBuilt’s ground-breaking Scraper Utility Knife is a world first and all but redefines the term ‘multi-purpose’.

The unique and patented product features advanced technology which allows users to quickly flip between a utility knife and a scraper with the flick of a thumb. As a utility knife, it can be used to cut all manner of materials whilst as a scraper, it can be used to remove paint, sealants, adhesives and labels from surfaces including windows, mirrors and tiles.

Aside from its exceptional versatility, the ToughBuilt Scraper Utility Knife offers a number of other impressive benefits. This includes a rugged handle constructed from metal for maximum durability as well as a rubber grip for greater user comfort over extended periods of time.

The ToughBuilt(r) Scraper Utility Knife also employs a quick-change system that enables blades to be changed rapidly and without the need for any kind of specialist tool.

Plus, like all ToughBuilt products, the Scraper Utility Knife comes with a two-year guarantee as standard or an industry-leading 25-year guarantee if users register their purchase. This guarantee applies to the tool only and does not apply to the blades.

Speaking of the company’s award success, Matthew Handley, ToughBuilt’s European Head of Marketing, said: “The Scraper Utility Knife perfectly embodies the ToughBuilt ethos of designing and developing products that help the professional user to work faster, smarter and more efficiently.

“By combining two commonly used hand tools in one convenient product, it enables users to carry less – and do more. We are delighted that its innovative nature and exceptional level of engineering have been recognised with the TMB 2022 Innovation Award. We would like to congratulate the other shortlisted companies and extend our thanks to the judges. Best of all, the Scraper Utility Knife is just one of much exciting product launches ToughBuilt has planned for the immediate future.”

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