Top 10 Christmas Presents For People Who Are Hard To Buy For 

Worried about what to get for that man in your life you never seem to know what to buy for? Fret no more: we’ve compiled a list of the top gifts to get for that awkward-to-buy-for person! 

The holiday season starts rolling around, decorations start going up, and that all too-familiar dread of what to buy for that man in your life who ‘has everything’ returns just as strong as last year… 

They always say the same, don’t they?  

  • “No, I don’t need anything…” 
  • “I’ve got everything I’m going to need.” 
  • “Save yourself the hassle, just get me a pint.” 

Well, not this Christmas… 

This year we did all the digging around for you and have compiled a list of gifts that are sure to hit the spot. From multitools to magnetic wristbands, there is something for everyone and anyone, so have a look through and get the most stressful part of Christmas shopping out of the way! 

  1. Magnetic Wristband 

We’re starting with something practical that is guaranteed to come in handy for anyone who spends their free time tinkering away with their car in the solitude of their garage. With a magnetic wristband, say goodbye to bolts and nuts lost forever down rabbit holes you didn’t even know were there. 

  1. Hammer Multitool 

Know someone who takes their camping seriously? A multitool might just be the perfect Christmas present for them this year. With 12 tools sleekly compacted into 1, this tool leaves you ready for any occasion. 

  1. Bluetooth LED Beanie 

And keeping in with the outdoors theme, what better to elevate your camping and hiking adventures than a beanie with incorporated Bluetooth speakers and an LED light? Well, maybe only if it was camouflage pattern… Oh, wait – it is! 

  1. Drone with 6K Camera 

Taking a dive into the more costly side of Christmas, this sleekly designed drone is your new must-have on your next mountain holiday. This year, take time to appreciate the moment, and capture high quality footage to relive it later. 

  1. Car Boot Organiser 

Know someone who could take some pointers when it comes to tidiness? With this car boot organiser, say goodbye to spending 10 minutes in your driveway, scooping back your groceries onto the bags. 

  1. Universal Socket 

Got a tradesperson in your life you never know what to get for when the holiday season rolls around? Well, you can never go wrong with a nice bit of kit and this universal socket is one of those things you’ll find yourself wondering how you ever did without in the first place. 

  1. Multitool Pen 

Not only is this multitool pen sleek and discreet, its many and varied features mean it is guaranteed to come in handy for everyone and this Christmas, we say lean into the practicality. 

  1. Personalised Precision Screwdriver Set 

It’s hard to go wrong with a personalised gift, but combine personalisation with something actually useful and you’ve got a winning combo! With 106 bits to choose from, you’ll be pressed to find a situation where this gift doesn’t put a smile on someone’s face. 

  1. Monocular 

Now, if there’s one thing the pandemic has taught us, it’s that we really need to appreciate our planet more so this year we say put nature on your list of New Years resolution and enjoy it to the fullest with this incredibly practical monocular. 

  1. Metal Card Holder Wallet 

We often think that making a difference to our style requires drastic change but sometimes something as small and unobtrusive as changing the look of our accessories goes a long way towards modernising our image. So, why not lean into the cool aesthetic this Christmas with this thin and sleekly designed metal wallet? 

Here at TOOLKiT, we love the magic of the holiday season and could not be more excited about this Christmas. So, have you been taking notes? Have you got your gift lists sorted? 

Get in touch in the comments below and let us know what you’ve got planned for your celebrations this year. 

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