The Perfect Advent Calendar For The Person Who Wants Nothing 

There are plenty of reasons to get excited about Christmas: food, family, celebrations, a general feeling of hope and humanity in the air… But perhaps the one that always gets me the giddiest is the pageantry of the good ol’ advent calendar and this year we have scoured the internet for the best out there and compiled them in a list. And all of this, just for you… 

Ask anyone out on the street what their least favourite part of the Christmas season is and I can guarantee that ‘the shopping’ will always come first in the polls (perhaps closely followed by ‘the cooking and cleaning but that’s a topic for another time). 

However, I think many of us are also guilty of the old lazy sock move when we’re too tired to try to think of original gift ideas. 

Well, what if I told you that you don’t have to? That’s the right: I have done it for you. Me, moi, yours truly, that is correct – I have dug around the farthest corners of the internet and I have come up with the answer. 

Advent calendars. 

How more obvious could it be? They’re beautiful and classy decorations in their own right, you get multiple presents with only one gift, and they are inherently original because there is always one out there that relates to your interests. 

I know, it’s mind-blowing. So, without further ado, here’s a list of the top Christmas advent calendars for that person who never know what to buy: 

  1. Draper Tools Advent Calendar 

With 43 different pieces to discover, Draper Tools’ advent calendars have certainly made a name for themselves in the industry come the holiday season and this year’s no different. From a collection of bits to pliers, side cutters and a tool case, this is one fun present guaranteed to keep you excited about the countdown until Christmas. 

  1. Porsche 911 Turbo Advent Calendar 

Know someone who dreams of supercars? This is the one for them! The advent calendar for all Porsche fans creates a world of experience as a diorama, this calendar is made of 24 cardboard boxes, which, in addition to the model kit, includes a plastic base with a sound module, various background panels and much more. 

  1. Gedore Advent Calendar 

Another one for the tool enthusiasts whose idea of a dream evening is spent tinkering away with their car by themselves, this 42-piece calendar is chock full of useful hand tools that you’re going to want by your side. 

  1. Beer Hawk Advent Calendar 

Got a beer lover in the house you’re a bit stuck on for gift ideas? Well, why not lean into it with Beer Hawk’s World Lager advent calendar, featuring 24 different craft beers to discover while counting down to Christmas? 

  1. KS Tools Stahl Advent Calendar 

Steel instead of chocolate is their motto and in this day and age, we can see why that works. With 131 premium professional quality screw tools that will bring a smile to any screwdriver, this is one you’re going to add to your collection. 

  1. LYNX Advent Calendar 

With 24 gifts to open, including 6 full-size LYNX products, this advent calendar is the perfect choice for that person in your life who’s always got you waiting on them, locked away in the bathroom for three hours. 

  1. Wera Advent Calendar 

And we’re back on the tools, this time with Wera’s special edition advent calendar. Wera is known in the tool world for its incredibly sleek designs and this Christmas edition brings a wholly new colour pallet to the brand’s range that you’re not going to want to miss out on. 

  1. Wine Advent Calendar 

Now, nothing says ‘we’re having a good time this Christmas’ better than the idea of opening up a new window every day to discover a new bottle of wine… Or maybe you’ve got a wine snob in the family that you just never know what to get for! Whatever the situation, this advent calendar is sure to always be a winner. 

  1. Revell Advent Calendar 

Advent calendars are fun for adults and children alike, and Revell sure knew how to walk that fine line when they came up with this calendar idea. Made up of 24 parts – including a remote! – this calendar lets you build your very own remote control car and I’m already having way too much fun just imagining getting one for myself… 

  1. Sealey Advent Calendar 

And lastly, of course, we’re finishing on the tools, with Sealey’s 35-piece advent calendar. Featuring a wide range of the brand’s most popular bits and tools, this is a high-quality calendar that you’re not going to want to miss in your collection 

So, have you got your plans sorted out yet? Names crossed off and all that? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know which one inspired you the most! 

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