Barking up the right tree -STIHL’s new MSA 220 T chainsaw

If you hear fireworks tonight, don’t fret too much – it’s just tree surgeons and arborists all around the country jumping for joy at how much easier their jobs have just got. 

You’d be pressed to find an arborist who doesn’t recognise STIHL as the mother of all chainsaws, as the company has been manufacturing petrol chainsaws since the 1930s. However, STIHL’s commitment to innovation has kept them in good stead as the market evolves, and the company’s investment in cordless tools has now reached new boundaries. 

With STIHL’s launch of their newest MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, the manufacturer’s most powerful and durable cordless top-handled chainsaws to date, removing branches twice your bodyweight has never been quicker. 

Designed for tree care professionals to make crown corrections, removing dead wood and pieces of the trunk a breeze as you’ve never seen before, the recommended AP 300 S battery delivers 2.1 kW of electrical power, providing up to 29 minutes of working time and plenty of power 

Recommended with a lightweight 14” guide bar, both MSA 220 T models use a high-performing PS3 full-chisel saw chain to achieve a fast, high-quality cut. Both models also come fitted with an adjustable oil pump, an ergonomic trigger system and a 180° LED display, ensuring the operator always has a clear overview of key information such as the operating status of the saw and the chain brake position.  

In addition to these features, the MSA 220 TC-O also has an oil sensor that will notify the user when the chain oil tank is empty, helping to reduce potential downtime, premature wear to the cutting attachment and the risk of overheating.  

The MSA 220 T and TC-O top handle chainsaws are built with durability in mind and are suitable for use in the toughest conditions thanks to the hard-wearing components. And to top that off, STIHL has kept maintenance of the machine as simple as can be via the MSA 220 T’s modular design, allowing housing parts to be removed and replaced quickly and simply.  

Other features include side-mounted chain tensioning, a captive nut on the sprocket cover and a tool-free oil tank cap as standard. In addition, the MSA 220 T boasts an easy-to-clean air filter for long service life and optimum motor cooling. 

For more information on STIHL’s new MSA 220 T and MSA 220 TC-O, you can visit STIHL’s website, where you’ll be able to browse through the company’s extensive range of garden-focused tools. 

Have you had a go on the new MSA 220 T? Get in touch and let us know your thoughts. 

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