Laser Tools carbide-tipped-scraper

Spick and Span Grooves with Laser Tools’ Carbide-tipped Scraper  

I know I can’t be the only one who gets endlessly frustrated by corners and edges that never seem to get clean no matter how long I scrub away at them. After spending hours detailing, the last thing you want is to take a step back and see spots and speckles of corrosion left behind, but fret no more – Laser Tools has once again come to the rescue.  

Laser tools carbide-tipped scraper

This new extra-long carbide scraper from Laser Tools features a double-sided and super-hard, tungsten-carbide tip, making it ideal for removing corrosion, carbon deposits, gaskets, paint and varnish. 

Specialists in the automotive sector, bringing out new tools that simplify and speed up workers’ jobs is nothing new for Laser Tools, where innovation never takes a break. 

It might be a small piece of kit but don’t underestimate how much, and how quickly, this can change your day-to-day: suitable for use on brake calliper and back plate sliding faces, exhaust manifolds and cylinder heads, with the serrated side of the tip perfect for cleaning grooves and edges. 

Laser tools carbide-tipped scraper

Featuring a comfortable and ergonomic handle as well as an extended shaft (total length of 300mm) for ease of use and hard-to-reach areas, the 32mm blade width lets you remove large amounts of material quickly.  

Available now from your local Laser Tools stockist, this is one of those little gadgets that you’re not going to want to go without as soon you try it out. 

To find out more, or to explore the brand’s extensive range of hand tools specially designed for the automotive industry, check out Laser Tools’ website. 

Laser tools carbide-tipped scraper

What’s a piece of kit sitting in your garage that you never thought would turn out as useful as it has? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know. 

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