New SUSTAINABLE Snickers Hi-Vis Protective Wear 

Snickers Sustainable Hi-Vis

Forget about checking the weather app on your phone every morning: Snickers Workwear now has a superior range of Hi-Vis protective wear, whether it’s dusk, dawn or dark. Available for both men and women, these new products were designed to ensure comfort, safety and certified protection.  

The latest additions to the Hi-Vis range are the new Stretch Work Trousers made from the innovative Sorona® sustainable performance fibre. Not only does Sorona® deliver a great performance, but it also comes with an array of environmental benefits. This recyclable, bio-based fibre offers exceptional softness for maximum comfort as well as excellent durability to help extend the lifetime of a garment.   

Soft to the touch, quick-drying, breathable…The new Hi-Vis Work Trousers with Sorona® combine all the different elements for optimal comfort and workday performance. 

With advanced designs, high-tech fabrics and performance reflection features, all Snickers Workwear Hi-Vis protective wear has durable colour-fast protection that will last through wash after wash, retaining shape, comfort, and protection levels throughout the life of the garments.   

On top of all that, all Snickers Workwear High-Vis garments can be custom-profiled to ensure ‘stand out’ coverage for your corporate brand – they really did think of everything.  

To browse all their products and find out more about this latest launch, visit Snickers’ website

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