“With the number of new cases being reported at a five-year high, there is plainly a growing problem, but one that could be entirely eradicated with education, technology-lead solutions and focused action. There is no longer an excuse for these numbers to be rising, now that a real solution is available to help employers and operatives take a proactive approach to managing vibration exposure.” – Russ Langthone, Managing Director of HAVSPRO. 

Hand-arm vibration also known as HAV can cause vibration white finger, a permanent, painful numbness and tingling in the hands and arms, which can also result in painful joints and muscle weakening. 

Around 2 million people are at risk within the UK and the damage can range from inability to do fine work and could also trigger numbness, pain and blanching of the fingers.

Hand Arms vibration also known as HAVS is a serious and disabling condition it is preventable however once the damage is done it is permanent. 

Current HSE regulations stipulate that “An employer who carries out work which is liable to expose any of his employees to risk from vibration shall make a suitable and sufficient assessment of the risk created by that work to the health and safety of those employees and the risk assessment shall identify the measures that need to be taken to meet the requirements of these Regulations.”

Electric power tools may emit lower vibration levels but the risk of obtaining HAVS is still there from over-exposure therefore should be continuously measured & monitored. Within the last year many companies including Lancashire City Council have been fined over vibration illness as companies have not been managing the risk of vibration exposure. 

Developed with the aim of Making HAVS history, SIXIS Technology has a solution for HAVS, an accurate, real-time measurement and proactive monitoring of workplace vibration, promising to revolutionise the way businesses manage the risk posed by vibration exposure.

HAVSPRO system

The system protects operators and employers alike. Businesses get real time, measurable and recordable data that enables them to avoid the risks of over exposure to vibration, rather than merely collecting data of their occurrences.

The system works by allocating each operator their own sensor, this will be programmed for that individual and their specific data. Each specific tool has a holster bonded onto the tool where the sensor will sit. The user will then pick their tool, click their sensor onto the holster and start working; their points are sent to the cloud-based reporting platform.

Russ Langthorne adds: “The game changing HAVSPRO system is underpinned by expert vibration exposure knowledge and guidance, which comes as part of the system, ensuring employers across a range of industries have the technology and understanding to fully protect their workers from HAVS. We are looking forward to welcoming many of them to our stand. Together, we can #MakeHAVSHistory.” risk management solution, HAVSPRO, on stand 3/J50, with on-tool demonstrations of it.

SIXIS Technology are showcasing this unique capabilities at The Health & Safety Event at the NEC, 25th –27th April. Visitors to the HAVSPRO stand will see the innovative system in operation and learn how its accurate, on-the-tool measuring capabilities work. They will also see how the continuous monitoring and proactive exposure alerts are triggered as the system protects individuals and businesses from over-exposure, before it occurs. 

The stand will also show visitors how the system reports exposure in HSE points, making the management of vibration risk easy and convenient.

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