Samac: Check out their new rust solution!

Rust is a killer for us in the construction industry, especially those that deal with outside trades like landscaping. Rusted screws can ruin a fence or outside wooden/iron piece of furniture, which can result in call-backs and complaints. Samac know this, and they have an answer!

Samac have a solution!

Samac’s Performance Exterior Screws are available and designed to help prevent rust and create long lasting finishes that might have been ruined by the elements.

With their innovative Ruspert coating in silver or black, these screws are designed to protect against environmental corrosion. When it comes to outdoor projects, exposure to moisture and salt can significantly accelerate the corrosion process. Ruspert coating has an exceptional resistance to high moisture and salty conditions, ensuring the screws maintain their integrity and won’t degrade over time, even when used with treated timber. Whether you’re building a fence, constructing a wooden deck, or tackling any other outdoor job, these quality screws will last and last.

The screws are designed with a Pan or Countersunk head. The large diameter of pan head screws makes them ideal for high-torque assembly jobs, while the flat underside ensures a firm hold even with enlarged holes. Meanwhile, countersunk screws offer a neat and secure finish, reducing potential hazards like snagging and provide an aesthetically pleasing look.

Salt spray tested to 1,000 hours and available in a range of sizes from 25mm up to 50mm in Silver or Black Pan Head and 25mm up to 100mm (Black Countersunk) and 150mm (Silver Countersunk), you can be confident that when you use Samac Performance Exterior Screws, every project will withstand even the toughest conditions.

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