Aluminium MIG panel repair system

You need to stop wasting your time and invest in Power-TEC’s new panel-repair system now 

If you thought Power-TEC’s innovation team were having a snooze on some Caribbean island with a daiquiri in hand while they enjoyed the profits of the company’s Miracle System, you could not have been more wrong. Power-TEC’s latest product launch proves that the brand is hard at work and more committed than ever to simplifying all our lives – thank the heavens someone is. 

Founded in 2009, Power-TEC is a tool and equipment manufacturer for the professional body repairer and, as the home of the famous Miracle System (widely accepted as the most cost-effective method of repairing both steel and aluminium panels), the company is a staple in the British tool marketplace.  

Aluminium MIG panel repair system

Their latest development is an aluminium MIG and panel-repair system (part number 92545). As a fully-featured workstation that incorporates an aluminium MIG welder combined with the Power-TEC aluminium repair system — all housed on a mobile trolley for the utmost convenience – the company’s latest launch prioritises mobility and practicality. 

Fitted with a revolutionary aluminium puller, this new system allows users to quickly weld on aluminium washers or pull-pins and remove the dents. To top it all off, the versatile MIG welder can also be set up for aluminium, steel or MIG brazing, meaning that you won’t have to waste any time switching parts out. 

Since panel replacement is reduced, body shops up and down the country can look forward to increased labour (and profits) within each repair job. The repair process is unprecedentedly sped up, as the system minimises strip down and refit and fully eliminates waiting times new panels – try turning a job around faster than this. 

The kit is supplied with a 2kg roll of aluminium MIG wire, 50 Alumax special pull-pins and 50 Alumi special pull washers. These consumables are also available under the following part numbers: 92514 (Aluminium MIG wire 2kg), 92509 (50 Alumax special pull-pins) and 92153 (50 Alumi special pull washers). 

As the most recent addition to Power-TEC’s comprehensive range of bodywork repair tools and materials, the aluminium MIG and panel-repair system has been designed for fast, accurate body repairs, and it’s now available from your local Power-Tec stockist — and the one on the other side of town too. 

You can find more information about the product on Power-TEC’s website

What do you think of all this? Are we making life too easy for ourselves? Is there even such a thing? Get in touch and let us know. 

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