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No-Spill, No-Fuss Oil Filling From Laser Tools 

Mechanics, get ready to throw your mop away because it might just be that you’ll never use it again. If at any point you’ve thought to yourself that you spend far too much of your life cleaning up oil stains, then I’m sure you’ll be relieved to know that Laser Tools has found a way to fix your problem – possibly forever. 

Laser Tools, the specialist manufacturer of hand tools for the automotive industry, never lets innovation take a snooze and the company has yet again surpassed itself with its latest product launch. 

New from the brand is this rectangular oil funnel kit (8028), which features a screw-on spout for snug fitting as well as a tube adaptor for filling straight into the dipstick tube or hard-to-reach areas.  

So, while you’re throwing your mop in the bin, you may as well ditch your back pain too, because no longer will you have to bend over backwards trying to find a humanly feasible position from which to work. 

Sized to take standard one-litre oil bottles, this compact funnel has dimensions of 142mm x 70mm and 78mm deep. The side handle makes it easy to hold the funnel steady as the oil is poured, so there’s no need to worry about holding your arm still at an awkward angle for ages. 

Suitable for a wide variety of applications on cars, light commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and the like, this funnel will soon be an indispensable part of your workshop, especially as the tube adaptor is particularly useful for gearbox oil or automatic transmission fluid top-ups on older vehicles. 

You can find the funnel available now from any Laser Tools stockist, with a typical retail price of just £13.08 (price includes VAT). 

For more details, or if you’re looking to browse through the company’s extensive range of tools, just head over to their website. 

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