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New Laser Tools Pliers Reduce Effort By 60% 

If you spend half your days wondering whether your thumb is broken or just bruised yet again, you won’t want to miss Laser Tools’ new plier range. Designed to reduce strain and keep you as safe as can be while out on the job, this is soon to be a piece of kit you can’t leave the house without. 

Laser Tools’ new range of heavy-duty pliers proves that the brand really does have its customers’ maximum comfort and safety in mind when developing new products. Featuring a double high-leverage design, these pliers were made to make your job as easy as humanly possible, and they reduce effort by up to 60%.  

Laser tool pliers in action

There are three different pairs in the range: side cutters (part number 8325), long-nose pliers (8326), and combination pliers (8327) – the difficult bit here is choosing which one to hook into your belt first. 

Manufactured from chrome molybdenum steel for strength and durability, the pliers are sprung loaded for one-handed operation and have an integral thumb lock for safety when not in use – at long last, no more bruising! 

Laser tool pliers

The side cutters are 190mm in length and feature induction-hardened cutting blades (hardened to 58HRC Rockwell Scale C) which stay sharp for longer. The long-nose pliers are 230mm in length and also feature induction-hardened cutting blades on the integral wire cutter.  

The combination pliers, on the other hand, are 225mm in length and the integral wire cutter has induction-hardened blades. 

All of these high-quality and comfortable-to-use pliers are available now from your Laser Tools stockist. If you want to know more about this new range, or you just want to explore Laser Tools’ extensive catalogue, you can visit the company’s website

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