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Why we are in love with the New Flex Brushless Angle Grinder

I had a much-used sample of the ‘old’ brush motor Flex angle grinder that I used a lot. I must have done hundreds of metres of grinding out mortar dust ready for repointing, as well as de-rusting and polishing metal gates and fences. And then I lent it to a  friend’s son and that was the last I saw of it. I really missed that grinder, so I was pleased to get a new EC- motored version from Flex a few weeks ago.

The balance and handling of the new EC grinder have carried over to the new design. For example, the slimmer body near the battery pack is a very nice fit for the average hand to get the secure grip that users need for grinding tasks. Equally, the auxiliary handle can be located on either side of the grinder head and it leans slightly forward to allow the user more accurate grinding. Both handles have generous rubber over-moulding to make for comfortable and grippy handling.

We love it soo much…

Designed In

You can always tell when a tool has been well-designed because it functions and handles well. These are the kinds of tools that you reach for without quite knowing why you do – they just feel right and they make it easier to do the job at hand. This new Flex grinder has a lot of that kind of feel.

Simple things count. The on/off slider switch on this grinder has a two-stage movement that is easy to work with a thumb. Most angle grinders have to work in very dusty conditions and it often gathers on the switch. Then the switch becomes sticky and hard to operate. My experience was that the dust had minimal effect on this switch.

The alloy grinder head is slimline with a prominent lock button for easy disc changing. It also has a big motor ventilation grille that pushes the air out to the front via a fan that pulls in cooling air from the base of the handle and drives it through the body. Because dust is the enemy, the inlet apertures at the base have very fine removable and cleanable mesh covers to prevent it from getting to the motor. Not something you will find on a cheap own brand grinder.

Also easy to use is the cutter guard. Push it clockwise and it will rotate through twelve different positions until it’s right for the job at hand. It is then locked until you push it clockwise again. Couldn’t be easier really!

Another new feature added is the speed selection switch on the upper base. This has four speeds that are selected by clicking the + and – signs on the panel. A better solution than a rotating switch because it will eliminate dust incursion and is easier to read.

Flex has long since solved the problem of changing battery packs easily – a big button releases the lock and the rails are positive but not too tight to allow the battery pack to slide out easily. Similarly, I never get that annoying problem that the tool stops on a job just because the battery pack hasn’t locked in properly.

In Use

Because this grinder felt like an old friend who had decided to go to the gym to get a bit fitter, I was able to get to grips with using it very quickly. I really approve of the whole new design because it proves that incremental design changes can really make a difference. There are lots to like on this grinder and it is definitely a good ‘un.

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