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Master lock launches Bluetooth Pro series Extended Shackle Padlock

MASTER LOCK, the American security super brand currently celebrating its 100th anniversary, has unveiled the heavy-duty Bluetooth Pro Series Extended Shackle Padlock – ideal for businesses applications at construction sites to hospitals, factories and more.

Featuring a 62mm wide Zinc lock body with a complete rubber bumper for durability and security when used outdoors, the 9mm diameter and 70mm high shackle is made of boron alloy offering maximum resistance to cutting and sawing. Furthermore, its weather cover provides enhanced weather resistance against snow rain and temperature extremes.

The new padlock incorporated the Master Lock Vault Enterprise IOS and Android apps, and web interface, designed for business applications working with many locks and many users. This means there are no keys to lose, nor combinations to forget and there is no risk of unauthorised key duplication. You can either open the padlock with the Vault Enterprise App or the easy-to-use 10-digit keypad for manual code entry. Moreover, you can choose to grant access to one or many users by selecting a specific time and date window.

The Master Lock Vault Enterprise system is designed to support many locks and many users with unmatched security, simplicity and accountability. Administrators control individual or system-wide lock access with the convenient web interface, while users enjoy simple, secure access to assigned locks or lockboxes.

The Bluetooth ProSeries Extended Shak Padlock will be available from a variety of retailers. for more information please visit

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