New Makita XGT Battery

Makita Pushes Performance Even Further With New XGT Battery 

The power tool world is going through a technological revolution at the moment and the question on everyone’s mind is just how strong and long-lasting can you make a battery? Well, Makita may have just answered the question… 

Makitas new XGT battery

With an impressive 288 watt-hours of energy, Makita has launched its largest capacity battery to date, the 8.0Ah BL4080F. 

Offering the longest runtime for its XGT products, which in turn means less downtime and improved productivity, this new battery is especially useful when used on higher drain XGT machines, pushing performance even harder.  

The 40VMax XGT BL4080F 8.0Ah battery has been designed to be both durable and highly intelligent. Equipped with 20 cells, it has a higher power output that enables Makita’s XGT tools to be pushed even harder and perform heavy duty, continuous operation over extended periods.  

Thanks to its robust and durable outer and cell casing, this product has a significantly improved impact resistance. On top of that, the BL4080F is also IPX4 rated with a water and dust-resistant triple layer structure and an enhanced terminal structure to handle any job site condition. 

The battery has been designed with Makita’s digital communication function between the tool, battery and charger to optimise the charging process, reduce charge times and protect the battery from damage. This real-time digital communication actively monitors heat, overload, and over-discharge as well as delivering up to 2x longer sustained power during demanding applications. 

Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita, says:  

“We are very excited to be releasing this product as our largest capacity battery to date. Offering the longest runtime for our XGT products, this product will considerably improve productivity on site, as users won’t need to down tools to recharge batteries as often. Furthermore, despite its capacity, the battery can be charged in just over an hour – at approximately 76-minutes when using the DC40RA charger, which makes it stand out in the market. It truly is a gamechanger, and we cannot wait for people to test it for themselves.” 

To check the battery out for yourself, visit Makita’s website, where you can also browse through their extensive range of power tools and accessories. 

Have you given Makita’s new battery a try? Get in touch and let us know in the comments below. 

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