Makita new products from october 2021

New Products from Makita UK

Leading power tool manufacturer Makita UK has announced its new October 2021 collection, adding further cordless machines to its expanding LXT battery platform. A new 18V garden sprayer, impact wrench and inflator join the line-up of over 275 solutions within the LXT range.

Speaking on the new products, Kevin Brannigan, Marketing Manager at Makita UK said: “With over 275 cordless solutions within our LXT platform, we are delighted to further expand the possibilities for professionals with these new additions. Designed with purpose-built motors, innovative battery technology and enhanced communications, all our cordless tools work together to deliver reliable power, speed and run times that provide the trade with a cordless solution for every type of application.”

DUS054Z Garden Sprayer

Removing the effort required to pump, this lightweight 18v 5-litre sprayer delivers up to 0.45L/min, allowing for efficient spraying with comfortable paddle control. The telescopic spray wand with a rotatable H-shaped dual-head design allows the user to quickly switch between mist and jet spraying modes depending on the task.

Delivering up to 8hrs runtime on a 6.0Ah battery, the clever auto-stop feature helps to minimise any unnecessary drain on the battery by shutting down the power when the handle isn’t engaged.

The machine has been designed with user comfort in mind and includes a shoulder harness and an ergonomically optimised tank body that sits comfortably at the user’s hip. Furthermore, the handle features a lock-on function to hold the trigger in place- ideal for larger jobs where continuous spraying is required.

DTW302Z Impact Wrench

The new 18V LXT DTW302 Brushless impact wrench features a fresh design from its previous counterparts. Compact, with an overall length of 138mm and 3/8- inch square driving shank, the DTW302 brushless motor provides high power with a fastening torque of up to 300Nm and maximum nut-busting torque of 500Nm

Featuring a variable speed trigger, the DTW3027Z provides the user with more control, with 4-stage impact selection, enabling the user to set the appropriate torque for the application at hand. For greater control and convenience, the tool also features a Foward/Reverse function, with 6 modes for customised applications.

DMP181Z Inflator

For quick and easy inflation of automotive and machinery tyres, sporting equipment and more, the new 18V DMP181Z Inflator is powered by Makitas LXT battery technology to deliver up to 161psi and a rapid air discharge volume of 22L/min

The tool features a digital pressure gauge, a LED light for convenient use at night and an Auto-stop function that automatically shuts down the tool when the desired pressure is reached. The DMP181Z also offers manual decompression functionality allowing air to be released in case of over inflation

Alongside the new additions to the LXR battery tools, as part of its new October product releases, Makita UK has also revealed several new 40VMax cordless machines that have been added to its exciting XGT range. The new high-powered products produce a one-battery solution to handle the most demanding jobs and environments, without sacrificing run time.

40VMax LS004G XGT Mitre Saw

Driven by a 40VMax brushless motor, this XGT 260mm slide compound mitre saw provides a no-load speed of up to 3.600rpm for high power cutting that is comparable to corded machines.

The rail-forward design allows users to maximise workspace as the machine can be positioned next to a wall and its single sliding system enables the smooth operation to produce superior cuts. Its 48o bevel range and 60o mitre range are easily adjusted with quick lock and release, making it simple to achieve the cut required.

This impressive tool is also packed with safety features including Auto-start wireless system technology (AWS) enabling the machine to connect to compatible dust extractors via Bluetooth. When applied, the dust extractor is powered on and off while the saw is in use. An LED light improves task visibility, and for greater safety, an electric brake stops the blade in seconds.

80VMax UR012GZ04 XGT Brushcutter

Delivering up to 6,400rpm and maximum power output at 2.0kW, the powerful 80VMax (40Vx2) XGT brushless brush cutter provides users with performance similar to a 40cc class engine grass trimmer, making this machine ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Users can adjust speed according to the task with 3-stage control, and thanks to Makitas innovative Automatic Torque Drive Technology (ADT), which adapts the cutting speed according to the load conditions, users can trust that the machine is always working at its optimum.

The UR012GZ04 also features active feedback sensing technology (AFT) that shuts down the tool if the rotation speed suddenly slows, protecting the user against kickback. And the useful refers switch removing any material that gets stuck in the blade, reducing user downtime.

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