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MAKITA: Shining A Light On Improved Productivity

Makita UK has added two new cordless tower lights to it’s wide range of lighting solutions. The DML813 and DML814 are the perfect additions to any job site during the darker months, providing the illumination needed for safe working this winter.

An example of the DMLX813 and the DML814 being used in heavy rains. they perfectly light up the site to allow continued working.
Lighting up during the rain

Having fewer daylight hours to work with is one of the biggest challenges that tradespeople face during the winter months. As without proper light, the same level of productivity simply cannot be achieved. However, with Makita’s new cordless tower lights, professionals can keep working safely for longer.

The DML813 and DML814 18V LXT cordless tower lights feature 12 daylight white LEDs that deliver up to 3,000 lumens and mimic natural daylight for maximum user visibility. With three settings to choose from, professionals can easily adjust the output to suit the working conditions, and both models include a memory function that will turn the light on in the last setting used, for increased efficiency. What’s more, the DML814 features three headlights that can be pivoted independently, which is ideal when larger work areas need illuminating.

Both the DML813 and the DML814 are height adjustable (from 125-224cm), making them suitable for use at ground level and at a height. The tripod stand is easily operated using a lock-release button – and it can be secured to the ground with screws or pegs for maximum stability. At the end of the day, the DML813 and the DML814 can be neatly folded up for simple storage and transportation.

An example of the lighting equipment being compacted down and easy to transport
The light can be compacted.

The DML813 and the DML814 have also been specifically designed for use on construction sites and are IP55 certified for weather and dust resistance. They also feature a padlock hole for the batter to help protect it against theft.

“We are delighted to expand our leading 18V LXT platform with two new site lights. At Makita, we are dedicated to ensuring that professionals have access to the tools they need to work productively and efficiently – and the DML813 and DML814 will help them do just that” – Kevin Brannigan, Marketing manager at Makita

The DML813 and DML814 join over 270 products in Makita’s LXT cordless range. to find out more about Makita and it’s LXT platform visit:

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