Lowering your businesses energy usage!

With the urge from the UK government to slash household energy usage in households, the newly created department for Energy Security and Net Zero is urging businesses to slash their energy usage by 15% a target set by Rishi Sunak with the hopeful achievement date being by 2030.  

With new pressure from the government for businesses to provide categoric evidence of what they are doing to reduce emissions, there are several different approaches that businesses are trying to reduce their energy consumption. While some companies are using energy alternatives like solar, other companies are using the technique of planning their usage of machines to avoid a high amount of energy waste.  

Examples at the Executive Hire Show

Toolkit recently attended the executive hire show in Coventry, although there was a variety of different sectors throughout the industry at the show most of them seemed to have one thing in common, they knew they needed to reduce the energy consumption of their products.  

One of the main things they knew they needed to change was their usage of fossil fuels with many already making the change from fossil fuels to eco-friendly alternatives, including solar power, hydrogen and electric. Although there was a majority of companies for example, JCB who were already making eco-friendly changes we also noticed that there are a few new faces that had sprung from the need of eco-friendly alternatives. For example, Lifos, a new solar powered generator that can power a site or backup older generators to help them become a hybrid of fossil fuels and lithium power.

Where do you think the industry is heading in relation to the decline in the usage of fossil-fuels? 

We asked a few of the brands down at the Executive Hire Show where they think the industry is heading in relation to the decline in the usage of fossil fuels and here is what some of them had to say. 

Is hiring equipment eco-friendly ?


According to a study performed by the Climate Neutral Group, CE Delft and SGS Search hiring equipment can reduce carbon emissions from 30-50%. The reason for this according to the research that efficient use reduces the total carbon footprint, and that hiring equipment encourages efficient and planned usage. 

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