stahwille to demonstrate how to calibrate torque tools

Learn to calibrate your torque tools with Stahlwille’s new webinars 

Stop calling your buddy for tips or clogging up your browser history with fruitless searches because the answer is here: Stahlwille is launching a cover-all-bases webinar on the use of testing and calibration technology for torque tools. 

The German company is expanding its services relating to hand tools – and what a relief, because I think I’m running out of Youtube tutorials to learn from – with a series of newly designed, specialised webinars

Stahlwille is hoping to give users practical knowledge in a nutshell by presenting expert knowledge on torque technology in a direct and informative manner. The next webinar, which will be approximately 45 minutes long, takes place live on 19th May and is completely free to attend

The central topics covered will be the use of testing and calibration technology for torque tools, the issue of process capability, and how the quality of fastener tightening operations can be improved. Additional webinars, namely on the wireless integration of torque technology in Industry 4.0 systems, are already in development, as well.  


In providing this new service, Stahlwille is looking to cover a range of different users: from industrial companies’ employees to quality management and quality assurance, production managers, and others who use torque tools and would like to learn more about what testing and calibrating them involves.  


It is normally highly demanding bolted connections that require tightening to a defined torque or torque angle, and this is where ensuring that torque tools measure and trip correctly becomes crucial. In this webinar, the specialists from Stahlwille will explain how this can be ensured with a suitable testing strategy, and what positive effects this has on process capability and quality. The sessions will look into how the testing of torque tools can be combined with in-house calibration too, seeing as this can also help reduce costs.  

Besides presenting innovative technology, practical tips are also on the agenda. To this end, the webinar is divided into three sections: testing, calibration and integration into CAQ systems. The webinar is accessible through an internet browser and requires no software installations in advance. 


Stahlwille has also left some time at the end of the webinar for their specialists to address users’ doubts, so any questions you may still have by the end of the presentation can be addressed there and then, either by speaking up or via message. 

To register, simply click on this link and fill in the form. Beware, though: the number of participants is limited so, if you’re interested, sign up as quickly as possible to guarantee a place. 

For more information, you can visit Stahlwille’s website, where you can browse through all their products, services and solutions. 

stahwille to do webinar on testing and how to calibrate of torque tools
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