Lost And Quickly Found With Laser Tools’ Super-Flexible Magnetic Pick-Up Tool 

Sick of breaking your back trying to retrieve bits and bobs that get lost down engine rabbit holes? We have the answer… 

Laser Tools, the specialists in hand tools for the automotive industry, have come to the rescue once again of all mechanics and tradespeople out there who suffer from that all too serious condition: jelly fingers. 

But seriously now… There is very little in this world that grates my gears quite as efficiently as realising that that little nut I’ve just dropped not only is the last one I had available – all too frequent – but it’s also probably going to be lost forever now. 

Well, that’s no longer the case, now that Laser Tools have come up with the most versatile solution: this super-flexible magnetic pick-up tool

It’s so narrow it can even retrieve debris from a diesel glow-plug aperture!  

With a useful 300 mm length, this magnet pick-up features a very narrow shaft diameter of just 4 mm, which makes it ideal for retrieving those metal nuts, bolts, screws and other metal pieces that have found their way into areas otherwise inaccessible.  

If you’ve had to drill out a seized glow plug, this pick-up tool is narrow enough to be inserted into the glow-plug aperture to retrieve any metal swarf or broken glow-plug debris – so there are no more excuses for anything other than clean-cut jobs. 

The soft grip handle provides comfort and control over the movement of the pick-up tool, and the flexible shaft can be easily formed into any shape that will assist in locating the dropped item and it will hold this shape as you work. 

This flexible magnetic pick-up tool will find uses in both workshop and home and at the end of that day, you’ll be wondering how you ever did without it… 

See this ultra-flexible magnetic pick-up tool in action here

To find out more about this tool, check out Laser Tools’ website, where you can also browse through the brand’s extensive range of hand tools and nifty gadgets specially designed to make your job simpler and quicker. 

What’s the worst thing you’ve ever lost while on the job? Get in touch in the comments below and let us know. 

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